My top 10 all time favourite travel destinations
My top 10 all time favourite travel destinations

I love lists!  Here are my top places to visit, we only live once, and the World is full of interesting places that you have to try and reach at least one in your lifetime.  I've been lucky I have been traveling on and off since I was 18, starting with a working holiday around Europe.

Here are my top 10 hope you like.

1st Place - Bermuda

Bermuda or Bermy as the locals call it is very very expensive and on some measures the most expensive place on Earth to live, that may or may not be true, but it's beaches are the best in the World and it's people among the friendliest, it is still a British territory and so retains some of the charms and attractions that all that brings.

2) Hawaii

Hawaii has a special place in US history as it was the attack on Pearl Harbour which brought the US into the second World war.  No trip to Hawaii would be complete without taking in a traditional Hula show or two.

3) London - UK.

London has so much history and so many attractions it is not surprisingly one of the top tourist cities to visit in the World.

4) Australia

It is as far away as possible for many of us, but Australia is huge and again has so many great places to see and experience, including the Great barrier reef.

5) Las Vegas

Vegas as he name suggests just brings to mind the most incredible of excesses and belief me it is no disappointment either just about everything is on offer and the whole experience is amazing.

6) Disneyland.

Even big kids can enjoy Disneyland, I went for the first time at 28 and loved it 100%, if you have young kids they have to go, there are Disneylands around the World now - Florida, Los Angeles, Paris and also Japan.

7) Whistler in Canada

Skiing is one of those must do sports and for me the best resort in the World is Whistler in Canada.

8) Eastern Europe.

Seeing something of the former Soviet Union is a learning experience for us all, to see how people lived in that time and how different their lives were from the propaganda.

9) Cuba

My heart is in Havana or so the song goes.

10 Rio

A very interesting place to visit and somewhere that will get you interested to see more of Latin America.

If sheer beauty is what you seek, then watch the following video as it showcases some of the best places to visit based on their natural beauty.