Safety Measures in Preventing Car Accidents
Safety Measures in Preventing Car Accidents

Safety Measures in Preventing Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Many car accidents occur in different places. In the United States, there are more than 6 million of these accidents each year.

It has been recorded that about 6,420,000 car accidents occurred in 2005, injuring nearly 2.9 people and killing about 42,636 others.

According to statistics, approximately 115 people die in motor vehicle accidents everyday.

Rules on the Road

Many car accidents, including those in Los Angeles, can be prevented if safety measures are taken.

The following are various rules on the road that, if followed, might prevent horrifying disasters:

• Always be alert

Virtually all motor vehicle accidents occur due to inattentiveness of either one of the drivers or may be even both. Many things can be entailed in inattention, including the following:

1. Fatigue

2. Distractions

3. "Highway hypnosis"

4. Talking

5. Daydreaming

6. Sleepiness

• Do not Speed

Driving with a speed that excessively goes beyond the limit raises the risk of a car accident. An increase in speed can reduce the drivers ability to react immediately to danger. In addition, speeding increases energy. The more energy there is, the greater the force if you crash into something.

• Do not Trust Anybody

Everyone makes mistakes in driving, including yourself, so it is crucial not to rely on other drivers, as you do not know when they may possibly make an error.

• Follow Traffic Regulations

Rules and regulations in traffic are made to uphold the consistency and regularity that can let drivers to predict what the other drivers may possibly do. Violating these rules creates disorder and confusion, causing vehicle accidents.

• Do not Run Red Lights

Running a red light is very treacherous and might even be deadly. Many accidents occur when a driver runs a red light. Usually, this results in a traffic collision known as the "T-bone" in which two vehicles collide with each other at an angle of 90 degrees. This collision is one of the most common and most deadly.

• Do not Drive Impaired

Being impaired is a factor that lessens your ability to drive safely. Such impairment can be due to drugs, alcohol, injuries, illness, or fatigue.

Alcohol can have an effect on the abilities and skills of a driver, slowing your mind as well as your motor skills. It may also affect the distance and reaction time of a driver that can result in an accident. Other impairments might also have similar results when you are driving.

• Wear a Seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt can do many things for drivers and passengers. Some reasons why you should wear a seatbelt are the following:

1. Seatbelts give protection from crash

2. Seatbelts prevent drivers and passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle in case of an accident

3. Seatbelts absorb crash forces

Following these road rules and regulations can make a huge difference, it can save lives, not only your own, but also your loved ones and others as well.

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