CoQ10 - What is Coenzyme 10 and Why is it Important for Heart Health?
CoQ10 - What is Coenzyme 10 and Why is it Important for Heart Health?

CoQ10 - What is Coenzyme 10 and Why is it Important for Heart Health?

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Youve probably heard of Coenzyme 10 or what is often referred to as "Co Q 10" but you may not know exactly what it is and what it is used for.

Co Q 10 is actually made inside our bodies; however, as we get older, it gets depleted from our system. Co Q 10 is needed for the basic functioning of our cells.

Age reduces Co Q 10 from our bodies but medications will also do this. Guess what popular drugs decrease our natural Co Q 10 from our bodies? Cholesterol lowering drugs. Yes, you very rarely hear from the doctor that cholesterol lowering drugs are not good for our bodies. Doctors just prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs left and right without thinking about... or rather without telling us the whole truth.

And what is interesting (and apalling as well) is that studies have shown that people with heart problems often have low levels of Co Q 10 in their systems to begin with. So add cholesterol lowering drugs to that equation and youve got problems.

Yes, typically people with severe heart problems have very low levels of Co Q 10 in their system. Co Q 10 has been shown to increase energy within the heart, therefore, making it stronger and making it work better.

Studies have shown that taking Co Q 10 supplements have helped heart patients with fatigue, dispend, chest pain, and palpitations.

Please realize that if you go to your local health store, Co Q 10 supplements can be very expensive... which is why a lot of people who want to take it dont. However, if you search carefully, you can find cheap supplements online. Although, again, remember the old saying "you get what you pay for" and some of the cheap supplements are junk. And what a lot of people dont know is that a lot of vitamins are not "natural vitamins". They have preservatives in them... many of which have been shown to be dangerous.

Some vitamins and supplements even have dangerous preservatives in them... including trans fat. They are now pulling the trans fats out of fast food restaurants and adding them to our vitamins and supplements. Why?

The trans fats... or preservatives... make supplements and vitamins last longer and taste better. So be careful when shopping for CoQ10 supplements or any vitamins or supplements for that matter.


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