Should You Drink the P90X Recovery Drink Every Day?
Should You Drink the P90X Recovery Drink Every Day?

Should You Drink the P90X Recovery Drink Every Day?

Warm up and cool down are the most important, and often ignored aspects of any exercise routine. There are a lot of accessories, nutritional supplements and equipments, which are supplied along with a particular exercise routine primarily for the purposes of keeping the body fit while working out and gaining maximum results.

The p90x workout routine is no exception and things like the p90x recovery drink, p90x power diet plans and the p90x natural supplements are easily available all over the market. These supplements can either be ordered alongside your p90x program kit, or they can be brought from stores and dieticians on personal order.

Apart from drinks and supplements, another important thing that one needs to look at before investing heavily into the p90x program is whether the p90x is for you or not and whether or not your body is suited to the program and its stringent requirements. You should go in for the routine only after you have done some homework on the exercises in the program and ensured that you are indeed willing to indulge in such a strenuous routine.

The first thing you need to consider before setting in for an all out p90x approach is your current fitness level. If you have not worked your muscles out for years, it is quite possible the p90x is not for you. I am not discouraging you, but then, this is not a simple routine, and you need to be mentally prepared to follow it religiously.

If you get bored from following a boring workout routine, then the p90x might prove to be the boon you had been searching for. With a wide range of workout routines encompassed in its gamut, the p90x is definitely not a boring routine. In fact, the whole concept of muscle confusion, on which the p90x rests, is based upon changing of routines more frequently, so that your muscles do not adjust to a particular routine.

You also need to invest on equipment if you want to follow the p90x in the manner in which it is meant to be followed. You would need to invest on chin-up bars, push up stands, yoga mats and weights.

I would suggest that you get around 100 pounds of weights in various denominations and use adjustable dumbbells and rods. In this way, you would not have to invest in a number of fixed dumbbells, and you would be covering the length and breadth of all possible weight combinations that you can lift. Besides, using a variable weight dumbbell would result in saving up a lot of space, besides saving you hard-earned money.

Finally, the program is not a magic pill, and to get ripped in 90 days, it is natural that you would be required to keep a strict vigil on your diet consumption.

It is suggested that you follow the power diet plans given in the p90x manual. According to the expert designers of this program, 75% of your success with p90x depends upon your food intake and only a meager 25% depends upon you workout capabilities.

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