Foods that Cause Constipation Are Not Natural
Foods that Cause Constipation Are Not Natural

Foods that Cause Constipation Are Not Natural

Most foods that cause constipation are not natural and this is where most people have a hard time understanding the word "natural."

Eat less processed carbohydrates

Foods you must avoid to prevent constipation are foods that have a difficult time moving through your colon and that create mucus in your body. These are processed foods, fried foods, dairy products, and sugared water.

All dry foods such as bread, biscuits, bagels, crackers, sweet breads, or white or enriched flour products foods are difficult to move through your colon and can lead to constipation.

Processed foods are what cause constipation, since these foods lack fiber, nutrients, and enzymes. I consider all food products that come in bags, plastic, cans, and other containers processed foods. These foods contain excessive sugars, coloring, dyes, dehydrogenated oils, flavor enhancers, and preservatives, and many other unknown chemicals. They have been over baked, pasteurized, homogenized, cured, or killed in a hundred other ways. These are the foods that cause constipation.

These foods lack vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber, and life, which have been destroyed by heat, pressure, vacuum, and chemicals. Adding vitamins and minerals back into this food does not make it better, since manufacturers cannot duplicate nature. The vitamins and minerals, added back into the food, are out of balance and do not have the right quantity.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea have a tightening affect - astringent - on your colon and this produces constipation. Drinking coffee on some occasion will have the opposite effect and promotes a bowel movement.

Coffee or tea is not a recommended drink when you have constipation or when you are trying to prevent constipation. This is not true of most herbal teas, which do not contain caffeine.

Caffeine can be found in,

· Ground percolated coffee, 8 oz ------- 200 mg
· Brewed tea, 8 oz ------------------------ 75 mg
· Soft drinks ------------------------------- 40 mg
· Chocolate -------------------------------- 10 - 40 mg
· Painkillers ------------------------------- 60 mg

Fried Foods

Eating meat, bacon, sausage, and other fatty foods are constipating. These foods and others like butter, cheese, and eggs provide an excess of saturated fat and cholesterol that can easily stick to your colon walls. Cholesterol clings to your colon walls just as it does in your arteries and organs.

All kinds of meat are free fiber and this makes them constipating. Meat moves slower through your colon than other foods.

Since people eat a lot of meat at one sitting, undigested proteins make their way into your colon, which is fermented by bad bacteria. This decay creates a condition favorable for bad bacteria and is the start of many diseases that occur in your colon.

It is always best to eat plenty of uncooked vegetables when eating meat. This provides fiber to help meat move quicker through your colon, to provide food for the good bacteria, and to prevent constipation.

Milk and Other Dairy Products

Dairy products are associated with constipation. This includes milk, cream soups, cheese, yogurt, and some desserts and baked goods. The best dairy product to eat is cottage cheese. It is the least harmful to the body of all dairy products.

Eggs, cheese, and butter are constipating and form toxic wastes, which poison the body.

This is a list most of foods that cause constipation. Start eliminating these foods from your diet. Do it slowly and as you do you will find that your constipation will disappear and you will develop better health.

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