Tips for beginners in wood carving by Jason Bibb
Tips for beginners in wood carving by Jason Bibb

Tips for beginners in wood carving by Jason Bibb

Tips for beginners in wood carving by Jason Bibb Wood carving is, for many people, an interesting combination of hobby and art. Just like with pottery making or other types of similar art, a wood carver is deeply involved in the creation process. The finished wood carvings are much more than a pretty piece of ornament – they have a symbolic value or the creator that is often hard to express in money or material things.

Here are a few tips that will help beginning wood carvers learn how to master this rewarding hobby:

Tip1: Ask questions! There is absolutely no shame in wanting to learn something, and experienced wood carvers will always have a useful tip or instruction for you. Before you can develop your personal carving style you need to learn the basics, so joining some classes or having a tutor may just be one of the best approaches.

Tip 2: Dont rush. There is no point in finishing a carving quickly. You should work without any time pressure and without attempting to produce something beautiful very quickly. Communicate with the wood while you are carving and create a comfortable pace for your work – this is the only way in which you can produce harmonious results. When it comes to wood carving, patience is a virtue!

Tip 3: Safety is essential. You are working with a wood carving knife and accidents are always a potential danger. Make sure to get used to holding the knife firmly and learn how to handle the wood itself. Always keep your other hand out of the way of the carving knife and wear a thumb guard on the carving hand. Thumb guards might take a while to get accustomed to, but they offer excellent protection against knife cuts.

Tip 4: Analyze your work. Compare your wood carvings with those of others, both professional and amateur. Do not do this in a competitive fashion – instead, try to adopt ideas and perspectives noticed in other wood carvings and adapt them to your own style.

Tip 5: Work smart. Dont work on the carving for more than 30 – 45 minutes at a time. Your hands will get cramps from the work unless you are trained to do this. Dont turn wood carving into an unpleasant and demanding experience.

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