Troubleshooting A Necchi Sewing Machine
Troubleshooting A Necchi Sewing Machine

Troubleshooting A Necchi Sewing Machine

Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot your Necchi sewing machine.

Check The Thread

The most common problems come from incorrect threading of the upper thread or bobbin thread of Necchi sewing machines. Unthread your Necchi machine completely and try the following - Check your thread is in good condition, replace if necessary. Replace your sewing machine needle as well if required. Burrs or bends on a needle or badly placed needle can cause many problems. Re-thread your machine, referring to your Necchi manual. Try removing the bobbin and replace if in poor condition and required. Threading errors cause incorrect stitch formation, skipped stitches and thread breaks on all sewing machines, not just Necchi.

Check Your Set-Up

Settings for tension, stitch length and stitch width are all controlled by small dials on the front of the Necchi sewing machine. Make sure these settings are all correctly set-up. Incorrect tension will cause puckering, looping threads and poor stitch quality. When troubleshooting, try using a basic straight stich to narrow down your possibilities for issues. Does it happen on all settings? Or is it only certain set-ups? This is invaluable information for finding the problem.

Clean & Oil Your Machine

Remove the sewing needle, sewing presser foot and needle plate. Remove the bobbin case, if there is one. Use tweezers and a small brush to thoroughly clean the Necchi machine. Look the machine over thoroughly to determine where all the correct oiling points. Check the Necchi sewing machine manual aswell although they do not always give specific oiling instructions. There are usually three oil holes across the top of the machine depending upon the model. There should also be an oil hole near the bobbin assembly area. Place a small drop of oil in each of the holes, then test again.

Call The Necchi Sewing Machine Shop

If your necchi sewing machine is still having problems, you should check with the shop you made the purchase from and ensure they are qualified to repair Necchi machines. Rattling, banging or clanging noises are signs of serious trouble and should be inspected by an experienced professional.

This article was written by Sophie Sewing, an enthusiast on all things Necchi.