70s Fancy Dress Suzi Quatro Make Up Guide
70s Fancy Dress Suzi Quatro Make Up Guide

70s Fancy Dress Suzi Quatro Make Up Guide

The human dynamo of diminutive proportions, clad only in leather and brandishing a bass guitar almost as large as herself ... It has to be Suzi Quatro!

In the closing days of the glam-rock era, Suzi shone like a beacon of hope to all those gals who wished to be on an equal footing with the blokes, while still remaining firmly female. She was an object of hunger to all those admirers of leather and supporters of chicks with guitars... And even better, she could really play!

The most important thing to consider about Ms Quatro is her rawness and energy, her drive and dedication to each single note she played. But in interviews with her, the thing that most stands out is her laugh ; its a wonderful, deep, generous sound which is so contagious, it causes you to feel happy to be alive.

therefore getting back to basics, the most significant starting point is a scrubbed face to reach that fresh complexion. Start by exfoliating gently, and if necessary treating yourself to a facepack 2 hours before you get prepared. Moisturise according to your skin-type, and then have a look at your eyebrows. The key to Suzis look is a very natural, unplucked appearance ; actually youll have to use an eyebrow pencil to add some extra depth to your brows. Only tidy the straggly hairs with a great pair of tweezers, otherwise leave them well alone apart from a fast brush in an upward direction.

Foundation should be kept to a minimum ; try one of the sheer coverage blends, or a coloured moisturiser for a fresh dewy look, and then dot a concealer where required to cover any blots and shadows. Although Suzi was in her 20s when she had her first huge hit, she looked as if she was less than seventeen or eighteen, so remember to keep the look as fresh as possible . A coat of translucent powder will fix your base for the evening.

Next comes the easy bit : the impression I usually have of Suzis look ( in the nicest way of course ), is that shes been permitted to raid her mums / big sisters make-up bag, because she iss just too hard at it practising that guitar to worry over-much about curling her eyelashes! So thats the sense you want to try and recreate. Eyes are either left with just a touch of liner at the outer edges, and a coat of mascara, or else if that feels too naked, Suzi frequently employed a grey powder shadow all over the lids and up to the brow-bone.

Lips could be a little more adventurous ; try a reddish shade which will fit your skin deep reds are great for darker skin, the more purplish reds are better for paler skins but select a matt version rather than a gloss. Finish off the look with a hint of blusher, high on the fat part of your cheek, to cause it to look like you are a little breathless after all that singing and bass playing.

Hair is shoulder-length, parted in the middle, and coarse dried into a shaggy shape with layers. The fringe is kept long, and either parted in the centre too, or left to dry naturally. Throw away the straighteners - you do not want them, life is too short! And if you dont wish to have a 70s style feather-cut, consider making an investment in a wig to finish your look. Details are given some place else on this site.

finally, get the right gear. Its simple, in two words : Black Leather. Be as much of a leather chick as you dare. Rumour has it that Suzi wore nothing at all under the jumpsuit, but whether you do or not is completely up to you! Ensure that you have a pair of black killer-heeled boots on, and you can start practising that famous strut. A black leather neck-strap would look actually authentic too, and pull down the zip on your suit as far as you dare to show off several gold neck chains.

Most significantly, to appear like Suzi, you have to act like her too, and make sure that you include that zest for life and liberty of spirit. Remember, youll play with the boys, but you are definitely 100 pc All lady, and going to have some significant fun tonight!