Windows has blocked the file from being extracted  Error in Zip
Windows has blocked the file from being extracted Error in Zip

Windows has blocked the file from being extracted Error in Zip

When you attempt to extract a Zip file, the operation may fail and you might encounter the following error message:

"Windows has blocked the file c:programfile from being extracted.
Would you like to continue trying to extract files, skip all further blocked
file notifications, or cancel the extract operation?"

With this error message, the extraction process gets terminated and thus you can not access your data from Zip file.

Reasons of this issue

This error message generally occurs in two situations:
. The Zip file, which you are trying to extract, has virus infected files. Thus, due to security reasons, Windows does not allow this file to get extracted.
. The file has got damaged and WinZip can not extract it.
In both of these situations, you may experience data loss. To avoid the effects of data loss, we need to sort out this problem as quickly as possible by recovering our files.


As per the cause of such behavior, there are two possible solutions. These are:
. If the problem is due to virus infection we need to scan it using an antivirus or antivirus tool and should try to disinfect the file without losing data
. If you encounter this error message due to corruption of the Zip file, you need to perform Zip repair using third party Zip recovery software.

The Zip repair software are specially designed tools, which systematically scan your corrupted Zip file and extract all the data from it. These software are very easy to use and largely automated.

Complete and safe zip recovery needs powerful zip repair software like Stellar Phoenix Zip Recovery. Phoenix Zip repair is read only operation, which performs original Zip recovery in all major scenarios of corruption.

With self descriptive user interface and rich graphical support it does not require any sound technical knowledge to carry out Zip recovery. This zip repair software supports all versions of WinZip and can recover any size of Zip file.