Ways in Confessing Your Feelings to a Girl - Techniques on How Not to Get Rejected
Ways in Confessing Your Feelings to a Girl - Techniques on How Not to Get Rejected

Ways in Confessing Your Feelings to a Girl - Techniques on How Not to Get Rejected

Liking someone and then getting totally attracted and the falling in love is like pulling you in a whirlwind of emotions --- and of course, we cant forget the part in confessing your feelings to a girl. Its like getting all pressured with the knowledge that youve fallen head over heels only to get newly pressured when you just realized that you need to confess sooner or later. Most men would take the safer (and pathetic) path of just shrugging off the entire feeling, not saying anything, see the girl of their dreams get snagged by a jerk, spend sleepless nights asking yourself why and spend the rest of their lives single, dateless and still a virgin. Now, if you dont want to join this club, better gear-up and look at the brighter side of things. Start today! Below are the five ways in confessing your feelings for a girl --- and finally make her yours at last!

* Plan on it ahead. Its never wrong to have a plan (and its much better to have a plan B to back it up). Of course, planning doesnt mean you need to dread every minute of it and get all paranoid thinking about the worst possible scenarios. Be positive! The more relaxed and happy mood you are in, the more youll attract good vibes around --- and her affections too, just in case.

* Dont think of messing it up too much. Fearing of getting rejected, fearing of messing it up and fearing shes already with someone is normal --- you fear the unknown and thats fine. We all have that sickness at one point, but being human shouldnt be an excuse --- you need to finally stand in your own feet and be a man!

* Never think of stalking her. Getting attracted to someone is great and falling in love is even better --- but please, stop the thought of stalking her. Yes, its exciting and all that stuff about adrenaline rush but its downright freaky too. When she finds that out, youve just ruined even your tiniest chance of being with her. Just stay cool and casual.

* No hard feelings. When she says no, dont take it too personally. Same goes as when she says yes --- dont be too over eager. Confessing your feelings to a girl entails risk --- its all part of the game. But then again, these are the things that make life exciting and absolutely interesting as well. So learn how to enjoy both!

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