5 Proven Ways to Reverse Hair Loss
5 Proven Ways to Reverse Hair Loss

5 Proven Ways to Reverse Hair Loss

Thinning hair or a receding hairline can be a real problem. It affects the way people perceive you, and makes you self-conscious about your appearance. I know because Ive had that problem too. And most of the time, the disappearing follicles are not caused by any mistake on our part... our loss of hair is in our genes. You may have tried some hair-growth formulas or pills which have managed to arrest the receding hairline, but you have not been able to regain a thicker, fuller head of hair. Here are five proven practices you can use to complement your hair formula and grow more hair.

One of the major causes of baldness is a lack of bloodflow to the scalp. This may be caused by shrinking capillaries or scalp muscle tension. The simple solution is to reduce scalp tension and invert the body so more blood flows to the head. You can do this by letting half your body hang off the edge of a bed. Simply lie on your belly and allow the upper half of your body to hang towards the ground. Your head being the lowest point. The other easy way is lie down on the floor and prop your legs up on a chair. Lie flat on the floor and put your calves and ankles on the seat of a chair. Your legs should be at a ninety-degree angle.

You are what you eat. Your body works with whatever nutrients you give it. So if you feed it fat and oil, the body is going to store it. Fat and oil is no good especially if you have an oily scalp. Switch to a lean meat, high fibre diet, and take multi-vitamins that contain biotin and zinc (two essential nutrients for hair growth). I know its not easy to change the way you eat, especially when you have cravings or have been eating a certain way for years. But think of it as feeding your hair the nutrients it needs to grow strong and beautiful.

*Vital Energy*
This concept is a bit esoteric, but it is a universal truth. Your body runs on vital energy. The Chinese call this Qi. The Indians call it Prana. Now this energy has two forms: Yin and Yang. Yin energy is cooling, like water. Yang energy is hot, like fire. You must keep the two in balance in order for the body to be healthy. Most people with thinning hair, have an excess of Yang energy. They like to eat high Yang energy foods like meat and nuts. Understand that hair is associated with Yin energy. So youve got to eat the cooling stuff like fruits, vegetables; soybean, tofu, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, bananas and more. All the stuff you didnt like to eat as a kid. Reduce the intake of heaty foods like burgers, pizzas, steak, fries, deep-fried chicken and anything with excessive oil.

If you dont like having to chew through all that fruit and vegetable fibre, Ive got a million dollar tip for you: GET A BLENDER. You can put your fruits and selected vegetables in it; add ice, throw some yogurt on top (and water, if neccessary), press blend and presto! Instant smoothie. This one technique has helped me consume five times more fruit and vegetables than I would in a normal day. Imagine the nutritional power of taking in one apple, two pears, one banana, one carrot, one tomatoe and three stalks of celery, all in one smooth and delicious drink!

*Cut Toxic Substances*
It makes sense that if youre trying to grow hair through a healthy body, youve got to remove the toxins from your system. And the major intake of toxins used by the majority of the population are tobacco and alcohol. If you smoke - quit. If you drink - reduce or refuse. Removing these two poisons will stop the toxic build-up in your system. Only then will your effort to consume nutritious foods and balance vital energy not be wasted by these damaging habits.

*Become Stress-Free*
In your effort to ensure maximum bloodflow and nutrition to the scalp, one natural factor can inhibit your progress - stress. Stress can cause your scalp muscles to contract while you furrow your brow in frustration. This stops the bloodflow to your hair roots. Without the blood to deliver nutrients, your hair follicles die.

Whether youre a working person or a student, everyone experiences stress. Its a natural part of life. The difference between those who feel free and happy, and those who are frustrated, is simply the ability to relax and let go of worries. In this crazy fast-paced world of ours, the ability to let go and centre oneself is becoming a rare commodity. Many people simply dont know how to avoid getting stressed. I cant teach you the whole technique here, but Ill point you in the two golden directions to removing stress from your life.

#1 Learn to Meditate
Thats right, you heard me. Meditate. Learn to sit down and let all your thought flow past. Neither criticizing nor worrying about what you should do about it all. Simply let it pass. I suggest you learn to meditate. Whether you learn from book, from audio, or a formal class. Its one skill that will bring you a lifetime of stress-free living.

#2 Get Organized
When you have a plan, you reduce the amount of worry in your mind. Having a concrete step-by-step plan of what you need to do to overcome your problems provides a sense of security and certainty. No longer are you a lost ship at sea because now you have a map. All you need to do is paddle real hard to get to where you want to go. The value in organizing yourself is you reduce stress and increase productivity. Not only will you grow more hair, youll be a greater success because of it.

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