Bad Celebrity Hair Transplants - Who Is To Blame?
Bad Celebrity Hair Transplants - Who Is To Blame?

Bad Celebrity Hair Transplants - Who Is To Blame?

Bad celebrity hair transplants are sure to make the news as anything that celebrities do, especially if they appear imperfect, is cause for full page spreads in tabloids like the National Enquirer. Photos of bad celebrity hair transplants, like the first of the hair transplants performed on Today Show host Matt Lauer, have been fodder for both internet gossip as well as tabloid gossip. While many of the hair transplants performed on celebrities look natural, others do not. Such is also the case with plastic surgery. Some celebrities look natural when they have work done, and others look like Mickey Roarke.

The reason that bad hair transplants occur, even with celebrities, is because they do not use a surgeon who is using the best techniques for the process. Many of the bad celebrity hair transplants, however, can be fixed if they get help from a doctor who is well versed in the field of hair transplants.

Hair transplants work on 90 percent of those who get them, although not all celebrity hair transplants look good. There has been criticism over the hair transplants of Mel Gibson and Brendon Fraser, although their hair transplants look good enough to the naked eye. John Travolta has been also criticized for having bad hair transplants, although this is also a matter of opinion.

Matt Lauer is probably the celebrity known for having the worst of the bad hair transplants. He was sporting hair plugs, a procedure that is outdated, when he first opted for hair transplants. This look was soon removed and he now sports better hair transplants. Of all of the celebrity hair transplants, those of Matt Lauer drew the worst criticism.

Kevin Costner was criticized for having bad hair transplants, although he did not go overboard with the procedure. He still sports a receding hairline and appears to have had just mild hair transplants, enough to take the edge off of his balding.

Finding a good hair transplants specialist is important for anyone who wants to restore their hair. Many celebrity hair transplants look good, while others look like bad hair transplants. Just as is the case with plastic surgery, a person should check up on the doctor performing the procedure, see photos of their work and choose someone who is well qualified in the business of restoring hair.

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