Do Hair Follicles Grow Back or Are You Forever Doomed?
Do Hair Follicles Grow Back or Are You Forever Doomed?

Do Hair Follicles Grow Back or Are You Forever Doomed?

Are you fed up with asking the question of do hair follicles grow back or do I just have to get used to thinning hair? There are a lot of reasons why people get thinning hair, baldness or hair loss, whatever you might want to call it. Here are some causes of follicle damage and how to restore it.

It may be due to heredity, hormones, some medications, allergy, stress, extremely high fever, gland disorder, chemotherapy and many other reasons. But regardless, this may still bring you to the question, do hair follicles grow back?

The good news is -- yes, you still have the chance of jump starting your dying or already dead hair follicles. If you treat it correctly and give it some time...then your hair follicles are able to grow back.

This isnt an over night cure. Because the hair growth cycle takes a bit of time, just be patient for a few months so you can start to see the visible results. Therefore, committing to your hair growth treatment is important.

The main cause of hair follicle damage is caused by hormones. The hormone called DHT to be specific. This by-product of testosterone attaches to the follicles and gradually chokes them until the hair becomes so thin that eventually the hair strands stop growing and fall out.

What is the best way to revitalize hair follicles to grow them back?

The chance of gaining normal hair growth is possible through the use of the best hair treatments available today. Hair growth treatment products which contain outstanding ingredients proven to work.

For instance, substances such as the FDA approved Minoxidil and a blend of herb extracts, vitamins and minerals are all essential in blocking DHT, the foremost cause of hair loss. Because the ingredients work together to increase their effectiveness, its very important to get the right blend.

Minoxidil helps to effectively block the DHT hormone and increase circulation to your scalp to stimulate the follicles. The herb extracts such as Horsetail, Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto provide a natural way to grow new hair. While the vitamins, biotin, zinc and magnesium help you maintain the new and existing hairs properly.

So, do hair follicles grow back? Yes, youre not forever doomed. All you need is a little time and the right treatment containing proven ingredients that bring back the health of your hair follicles allowing them to start producing strong and healthy hair strands.

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