5 Step Makeup Process  Apply Makeup in the Proper Order
5 Step Makeup Process Apply Makeup in the Proper Order

5 Step Makeup Process Apply Makeup in the Proper Order

Applying makeup like a pro is not as hard as you might think. If you keep a few basic ideas in mind and apply makeup in the proper order, the results can be incredible. Below is a five-step process that will give you star quality results.

1) Foundation and Concealer
Like the name implies, foundation should be the groundwork of your makeup routine. Available in liquid, cream, and powder, it evens out your skin tone and creates a nice smooth surface for other products to adhere to. The type of foundation you use should depend on your skin type. For oily skin, powder foundation is best. Cream foundation works well for dry skin, as it adds a little extra moisture. The third option, liquid foundation, is the easiest to put on. Another important decision to make when buying foundation is the color, which should be as close as possible to your skin tone.

The best way to apply foundation is to first put a small amount of it on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Next, blend it in circles, gently rotating up and out. When youre done, take a step back and look at yourself closely. Make sure there are no visible lines. If there are, continue blending.

Next, apply concealer to any trouble zones, blemishes, dark circles, or anything else youd like covered. Make sure you use a concealer that is close in color to your foundation to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

2) Powder
Powder is important for so many reasons. Not only does it get rid of any unwanted shine, but it also helps to set your foundation and concealer. This makes your makeup last longer and results in a nice, fresh looking face.

Powder is available in both loose and pressed form. Loose powder comes in a little jar and works best when applied using a brush or pouf. Pressed powder is probably the form most people automatically think of: it often comes in a compact with a mirror. The type you should use is all about preference. While pressed powder is convenient to carry around, many people find loose powder the easiest to apply.

3) Eyes
When doing your eyes, you should start with eye shadow first. Choose a color that compliments your eye color (generally this is a color that contrasts with your eye color, thus making it pop out more) and use three shades of it. Start at your lash line with the darkest shade, which is your base color. Next, take the medium shade and apply it to your crease. Finally, take the lightest color and apply it to the brow bone. Blend the three colors, with your finger or a piece of cotton, so that there arent any visible lines. The colors should melt into one another.

Now youre ready for the eyeliner. You can make your eyelashes look more defined by gently dotting the eyeliner in between them on the bottom. Lining the inside of your upper lid will give you a wide-eyed look. Finally, apply mascara in a zigzag motion. This helps separate the lashes.

4) Blush
Blush is a great way to make your skin look fresh and healthy. To apply it, smile at yourself in the mirror. This makes finding the apples of your cheeks a piece of cake. Next, take a powder brush and sweep it from your cheeks to your temple. Remember, blush should be applied where the sun would naturally kiss your skin. Applying it elsewhere can make you look like a clown.

5) Lip
Finally, there are the lips. Like the rest of your skin, its important for your lips to be a nice, smooth surface before any makeup is applied. Condition them regularly and remove flakes by gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush.

When applying lipstick, start at the center of your lips and work out. After the color is applied (not before), you should apply lip liner. It not only defines your lips, but it also stops the color from bleeding. When choosing a color you should either match your lipstick or your lip color, depending on how frequently you re-apply your lipstick. If its not very often, stick with a shade thats close to your lip color so you dont end up with a dark outline around your lips.

Believe it or not, thats all it takes to achieve professional results. By following these five simple tips, youre sure to wow everyone you know!
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