A guide to shaving pubic hair – Results Without Irritation
A guide to shaving pubic hair – Results Without Irritation

A guide to shaving pubic hair – Results Without Irritation

With pubic hair shaving becoming so popular in todays modern society, what most women need to know is how to get the best results with the least irritation. This article gives you the tips you need to avoid those unwanted after pubic shaving irritations.

Before you do anything else, you should trim your pubic hair. Never attempt to shave public hair thats long as it will clog or break your razor. Hair should be no longer than a quarter of an inch and you should make sure you use small sharp scissors for trimming.

Pubic hair is coarser than head hair so before shaving pubic hair you should soften it. Soak in a hot bath or take a long hot shower. A clean pubic area will also help prevent skin irritations later on. Before you begin shaving, make sure the area is completely dry.

Tools for shaving pubic hair

No guide to shaving pubic hair would be complete without mentioning the best tools. Your boyfriends shaving cream and switchblade razor might work wonders on his beard, but they could bring you out in a rash, or worse so its best to invest in the right products.

A cream, foam, or gel made for shaving pubic hair is essential and you should make sure its suitable for your skin type. You may need to try out different products to find one that is best for you. Dont use soap. It wont lather properly or moisten and soften the hair and could cause irritation. Similarly, never use a switchblade razor or a disposable razor. A good-quality safety razor designed for shaving pubic hair will help prevent cuts and soreness.

Shaving pubic hair

Before shaving pubic hair, make sure the area is well covered with shaving foam or gel. Leave for two to three minutes. With one hand, gently pull the skin so that its taut. With the other hand shave upwards using long strokes against the direction of hair growth. To avoid ingrown hairs, dont shave to close, apply too much pressure or shave the same area over and over again.

Make sure the area you shave is covered in foam or gel or you could get razor burns, which can be very painful. Run the razor under the tap regularly or it will clog. When you have finished your pubic shaving, dry the area gently using a soft towel. Apply Aloe Vera or baby oil to soothe the skin and help prevent itching.

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