Cheap Homemade Carp Boilie Recipes For Better Winter fishing Success!
Cheap Homemade Carp Boilie Recipes For Better Winter fishing Success!

Cheap Homemade Carp Boilie Recipes For Better Winter fishing Success!

Have you often wondered what you can do to beat the recession by cutting back your bait costs, and wondered how to make your baits that bit different to normal in any way you like, well now is just the right time to make the change by making your own baits - to catch more fish for less money! Read on for some alternative well proven bait recipe ideas for winter and spring carp fishing success!

You have probably heard of the old fashioned familiar bait made from the 2 ingredients, semolina and soya flour. Such dry powders would usually be added to a mixture of eggs plus flavours and maybe sweeteners and other enhancers to form a distinctively flavoured cheap boilie or pellet bait. Here I will describe just a couple of ideas for an alternative version of a cheap homemade instant bait for winter and spring use.

To form a cheap basic binding carrier base mix for boilies and pellets and even for ground bait use of many forms, instead of using soya flour and semolina, why not use yellow maize flour, and chick pea flour, plus whole grain wholemeal wheat flour each in a ratio of a third to form a basic dry powder base mix. For ground baits add a proportion of groats and oats for instance so the bait breaks up easily!

If using wheat flour sounds strange remember that is all hard durum wheat semolina is and this is one of the most commonly used carp bait ingredients! All these 3 ingredients cost very little and will make quite a different bait when compared to very many cheaper readymade baits. Now one of the important parts of making an alternative cheap bait is providing carp with reasons to feed on your bait.

Often it is protein ingredients and mineral rich ingredients that do this job. In this case a few ideas can be used in any combination you wish. You can for example add a quantity of CC Moore Feedstim powder, or alternatively, enzyme-treated yeast powder or CSL powder. These are soluble which is very important in terms of cold water bait performance. Use of wheat germ and oat or wheat bran for instance is very useful in a cheap cold water bait. I would add a minimum of 1 gram of betaine to your dry powder mix.

In terms of further binding of bait apart from the initial 3 ingredients you can play around with whole egg powder for instance, which is available in supermarkets everywhere or from bait companies, or use egg protein powder. The nature of liquid eggs makes them less ideal for cold water baits and I have found using powdered egg in low levels can improve bait performance and actually allow the whole contents of baits from the middle out to get to work and get hydrated far more efficiently.

One of the more prominent points about cold water baits is a kind of natural pump action due to bait substances absorbing or adsorbing water within the bait. This action promotes the diffusion and synergistic working of bait substances that spread out into the water forming a trail of concentration of bait particles and bait solution that carp can home in on.

The use of flavours obviously can help in this effect and most flavours whether natural esters, synthetic propylene glycol, alcohol or glycerol based or nature identical etc have effects that improve the diffusion of bait substances into the water column.
A very simple alternative flavour combination could be a cream or butter or condensed milk flavour mixed 50:50 with Bun Spice B. It is your choice whether to use a lower flavour level such as 2 or 3 millilitres per kilogram of dry bait mix or to over dose for hook baits for instance and use maybe 15 millilitres or more for when fishing single hook baits. Note that different flavours with the same name can differ tremendously in components, concentration and impacts on carp and bait testing using different levels and different company products is very well worth the effort!

Use of an additional mineral and vitamin supplement is extremely valuable in this effect too and CC Moore Cyprivit which is a vitamin supplement is very good for supplying essential nutritional attraction. It might sound strange to some anglers but sources of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins are attractive to carp.

If you want to enhance your bait a little more probably the simplest thing to use is a mixture of icing sugar and granulated white sugar. Again these will help hydrate your bait and make it more water soluble. You might like to try the Ultrasweet concentrated sweetener from CC Moore too as usually the combination of a sucrose based sweetener plus a concentrated sweetener provides a longer-lasting sweetness hit!

In terms of liquids try using use a large amount of CC Moore Feedstim in your bait. It is in many ways superior to liquid yeast or CSL for example - but then you could use all these in combination.

Although many cold water baits are of the sweet, of fruity or spicy or milky varieties many others work too and the rules can be broken because frankly it is the fish that make them. If you want to use a fishing marine accent in your bait why not simply boil up some fermented shrimp Belachan block and use it in the thickest most concentrated form you can produce?! Try this with CC Moore Ultra Crab Essence or their Ultra Frankfurter Essence for example or even combine the 2. Why use a standard pineapple for instance when you could use an apple flavour with added lemon juice with glycerine and a little concentrated sweetener to sweeten it for instance and a little vodka to thin it. Such mixtures are sure to be a little different for wary Mr Carp!

Homemade baits are all about fulfilling requirements you have personally regarding personal interpretations and preferences you may have about the kinds of baits you wish to use and this includes budgeting of ingredients and other components. Baits can be made instantly because winter and cold spring baits do not require rolling at all - just pull bits off a ball of dough and quick boil or steam or leave as paste and use as it is.

The more ingredients, enhancers and liquid substances and so on you use the more your bait cost rises. Therefore choose your ingredients for what they offer in terms of more than simply nutrition or attraction value and consider other factors such as buoyancy, density, texture, reactivity with water and with other bait components etc. Carp baits can be very simple but quite advanced in their nature in terms of how they impact on water and on fish senses and natural instincts.

Unusual simple baits can get around the conditioned defensive behaviours and senses of wary carp is only because they are new, alternative and different. On this point please do not underestimate the power of not making your cold water baits smooth skinned. This will ensure the performance of your baits is improved for multiple reasons. This is not least because your baits will be very different from well over 90 percent of the most popular conventional machine extruded and machine rolled commercial readymade baits that carp experience 24 hours a day on most carp waters.

Most carp in carp waters today are wary to various degrees and obviously our own fishing baits train them up to be wary and actually act as danger reference points and not just as an attractive regular food source!

Wary carp learn to avoid standard popular bait formats due to all those thousands of repetitive experiences of coming across them and assessing them for the danger of hooks! Therefore when they come across a bait that has multiple characteristics that are different to the majority of baits they get hooked on they are many times more likely to make a mistake and get hooked. For me, this is one of the biggest competitive edges of making homemade baits and I over all I have found well over 90 percent of my homemade baits (going right back to the seventies) worked from their very first trips out so the risk of wasting bait is simply not an issue!

Obviously with a little practice and practicing using cheap ingredients and small quantities of bait you risk nothing and gain the experience to really leverage homemade baits so you never feel the need to follow fashions and buy readymade baits so you are basically giving yourself a choice that those who have decided to always be totally dependant on readymade baits will never have!

With a little practice you can replicate very many of the simpler, cheaper or more sophisticated commercial boilies and pellets available today (but made with a twist of your own!) You will be able to reap the big rewards being the first angler to ever use your new alternative baits on your waters and experience the incredible satisfaction of new personal best fish on baits you designed and made yourself (and is something no readymade bait can match!)

You can be sure with 100 percent certainty that no-one else will ever know just what bait you are using and no-one else will never be able to catch your target fish on the same bait as you which is a real problem and major worry when using easily-available popular readymade baits! (For much more information on making unique homemade baits and adapting readymade baits and altering for many applications and unique purposes see my bait making secrets website called Baitbigfish plus my biography and link right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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