Making Homemade Carp Baits Using Sausage Meat For Big fish!
Making Homemade Carp Baits Using Sausage Meat For Big fish!

Making Homemade Carp Baits Using Sausage Meat For Big fish!

Sausage meat is now part of carp and cat fishing history having proven its worth as a very effective cheap bait ingredient for small and big fish (many thousands of times, and for decades.) But how do you make effective baits and ground baits using it? Lets see a few very proven big fish suggestions right now...

The first ideal part about sausage meat is how cheap and easily available it is. It comes in various forms and grades and as usual it is best to get the freshest product possible. This kind of meat is just not fashionable today which means right now is a perfect time to be exploiting it!

The second is it very simple and easy to use and you can either mince it up or use the minced product. The nutritional value of pork sausage meat is very stimulatory to both carp and catfish and has a fair proportion of those important fish stimulators; amino acids and oils.

Pork sausage meat is often made with bread crumbs and it is very simple to make a bait by simply mixing it with eggs and very cheap wheat flour to help bind it up into a dough.

* How to make one of the cheapest protein based baits:

For example, using half a pound of minced sausage meat, mix it in a bowl with about 3 large hens eggs and 2 table spoons of ordinary cheap wheat flour (or more if required) and kneed this into a stiff pliable dough. This can be used as fishing bait immediately as paste or you can bag it up in bags with a tie to make the bag air tight and store in the fridge or freeze it for use next session.

This bait is pretty much instant on most carp and catfish waters and although very basic and simple will produce lots of fish. Like the majority of carp and catfish baits, the best way to start fishing with it is to feed perhaps 2 to 6 pounds of it into your swim in advance. (This is certainly not absolutely necessary however!)

For instance, over a period of 3 days prior to fishing, start introducing paste pieces about an inch in diameter just by pulling them off your balls of dough you have made. The effect of pre-baiting is that the fish will be far more prepared to eat your bait with even more enthusiasm when you start actually fishing; so hold onto your rod! Sausage meat in this form makes fantastic ground baits too.

Fishing paste balls has always been extremely effective, but these days you might prefer to make your baits more resilient to smaller fish so they are still intact when the big ones arrive! All you need to do is make your baits about an inch in size and they dont need to be perfectly round either; in fact the more different to commercially produced machine rolled baits the better the effect!

Just put on a pan of boiling water (half-filled) and get some absorbent paper towels or convenient towels flat and ready to receive your boilied baits to dry upon. Just add about a handful of baits at a time and keep the water boiling at all times. Boil your baits for anything from a minute to 5 minutes; the longer boiling makes them harder, but this loses more attraction in the process.

To help attraction there are so many choices to add to your bait, or just to keep results coming. For instance you could add sea salt at about a heaped teaspoon per 2 eggs worth of bait mixed, or add curry powder at a heaped teaspoonful per egg used in the mix or more depending on the form of curry powder used.

You might just add a teaspoon of black pepper powder per egg used. Other examples of well proven kitchen favourites are yeast extract products like Marmite or vegemite; add at a heaped tablespoon per egg, or even Parmesan or blue cheese.

The fact is that there are thousands of additives, liquids, flavours and some very refined and advanced bait ingredients and extracts you could use. These are often used to most exploit the food detection systems of fish which have internal and external specialised cells which enable fish to instinctively home in on your bait. You might use liquidised liver or liver pate, and even just a tablespoon per egg of these will keep big results coming.

One interesting point about pork in general is that it does not deplete the oceans of fish and declining marine life (directly at least.) Sausage meat from pork products is relatively high in taurine. This is a non-essential (although essential) amino acid utilised in fish cell balancing and as a metabolite and used in many other vital roles and processes which keep fish alive. It has a highly stimulatory effect in combination with the other natural components like amino acids and salts forms etc.

Sausage meat baits for big carp and catfish are well proven against any popular modern baits so give them a try and you might decide to get much deeper into making your own homemade baits, but beware; they can be addictive...

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By Tim Richardson.

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