Making Carp Fishing Boilies And Your Own Cheap Pellets!
Making Carp Fishing Boilies And Your Own Cheap Pellets!

Making Carp Fishing Boilies And Your Own Cheap Pellets!

Everyone likes to think their bait is better than the rest and hopes it produces more fish or more big fish. But carp are dynamic creatures always adapting to new threats, so how do you make easy baits that keep you ahead? Read on...The plain fact is that well over 80 percent of homemade baits you produce will catch carp on most carp waters in the UK and around the world.

But this misses some extremely important criteria you may need to consider in order to not only keep ahead of the fish, but actually to get takes on many of the more pressured waters today. Virtually every keen carp angler will come across the famous simple boilie bait mix consisting of 50 percent semolina (a hard form of wheat made into a very granular flour,) teamed with 50 percent soya flour or soya meal from milled soya beans. Roughly 8 ounces of each of these very cheap dry powders are mixed together with 6 hen eggs (whisked together with 2 to 5 millilitres of any flavour you so desire.)

This bait will catch carp of that there is obviously no doubt. You can make this mix up while actually fishing and it is very quick; you just need a couple of containers and cutlery to mix the ingredients to make a dough or paste.You may wish to make more resilient baits which last longer than an hour to 3 hours or so in the water, so making boiled baits is one answer. Using the same mix you simply roll your baits into small balls of perhaps a centimetre or 2 in diameter and prepare a pan of boiling water in which to place your baits.

Putting about 30 at a time into the water will keep the water boiling and ensure they get a resilient coat of protein to make them resilient. This effect is due to the form of protein in eggs that coagulates when heated and simply strings itself together as it were. When your baits have been in the water about 2 minutes remove them and dry them on a dry surface, be it a clean dry sack or, paper towels etc, then bag them up for future use or use them straight away.

You can use special bait making boards etc, from Gardener for instance, which make lots of bait in no time at all.It is very easy to exploit the power of boilies and there are many ways to apply them as free baits and as single baits in many situations each having their advantages over others. You can easily undercut the cost of commercial baits because your ingredients cost is so low and you will not have to pay someone to make them!

Plus you can still add extra additives and ingredients to boost attraction and differentiate your baits more for instance, but still at a much more modest cost.You can add cheap ingredients like yeast powders or Chilean sardine and anchovy fish meal for example and these will provide more essential dietary stimulation to your baits.If you are fishing rivers or want a harder more dense bait, then you can use maize flour which is another very cheap and proven ingredient.

Simply use it instead of semolina. Over the decades it has been noticed that the well known ingredients will all catch fish even when used solely on their own. For example, wheat flour and water catches carp. Bread is an instant carp bait proven for centuries. From this level of extremely basic cheap so-called very low biologically convertible food value bait you can work upwards through all kinds of ingredients and substances. These may have far more facets to exploit carp senses to higher degrees to elicit a feeding response. Some of your carbohydrate ingredients might contain stimulatory betaine, or a higher concentration of a water soluble protein for instance, while a cheap poultry ingredient might have a comparative nutritional value especially in terms of protein content as a range of fish meal ingredients.

Many modern versions of ingredients and additives are extremely rich and are highly water soluble (being predigested.) Despite these being more expensive, even a relatively small quantity used in your bait can seriously boost its performance, most especially in winter! Carp senses are adapted to be extremely sensitive to actual substances and extracts of their natural foods and significantly for sensing other potential food which may be as foreign to their environment as a football on the moon!

These bait ingredients and substances can all incite interest in your hook baits along with favourable changes in carp behaviour, or even full-blooded intense feeding reactions, to various degrees. You might think that a good bait that keeps catching carp has a list of ingredients as long as your arm but bait is a very personal thing. This is not only to you as an individual angler, but also to carp, because each and every one is an individual! Each carp has its own personal food preferences and nutritional needs, moods, personality as it were, habits and levels of caution when in the vicinity of baits, at any moment in time.So you wish to keep catching and keep ahead of the game?

Well the trick is always to think like your fish! It can help at times to understand the tactics, strategies and impacts of your fellow anglers and not just the kind of bait they use or the spots in swims they might cast to, bait up and fish. This includes every possible aspect of their baits, flavours, rigs, line angles, baiting methods and tackle used, and timing of free baiting etc.

All these and many more can have huge influences upon the behaviour of your fish in regards to your baits, tackle and personal success! You can exploit every one of these in your favour however... If you are not even moderately good at chess then you can become be a master at this given enough practice and focus and this is an element of modern carp fishing which is much leveraged in order to sell all kinds of baits, tackle and accessories and it takes some investigation and thought, but you can come up with solutions years ahead of them becoming exploited commercially... As with most fishing inventions, adaptations, modifications and tweaks, individuals have always had the luxury of creating their own and exploiting them often secretly and highly successfully, while other anglers around them fish on more conventionally with less success generally.

Having access to completely unique baits that you can afford no matter what your income level, (which being secret are impossible to copy,) is such a huge edge in this ever increasingly competitive sport!Often carp anglers get so wrapped up in new products that it is easy to get caught up in a cycle of thinking like an angler and copying everything others you read about or perceive to be doing.

Many beginners and even more experienced anglers think this new rod or reel or flashy rod support system will catch them more fish, which forgetting it is the skills that they themselves develop that really catch more fish... It is not just natural instincts of carp at play in this game though. Perhaps consider that all the fishing activities, tackle and baits of you and your fellow anglers are constantly training and re-training carp behaviours either more in your favour - or even against you...It might take a little thought to figure this out for some anglers so heres a little explanation.

Lets say anglers on your water have done well on marine halibut pellets baits in the past, but now are finding fish rolling on their free baits, but these are now failing to produce takes in anywhere as many numbers as before. Many things can be done to improve results instead of slavishly repeatedly fishing a bait and method that the carp have obviously come to be able to deal with and avoid to a greater level of success... Many of the things you can do are aimed at removing the carp reference points that remind them of previous dangerous situations where they experienced being hooked or caught or were simply able to associate danger with for whatever reason.You might think this sounds a little bit over the top! Most carp in busy fisheries see anglers and baits of many kinds and formats 24 hours a day 7 days a week and have done for decades.

Do you think you might learn something if you had that much practice? It very easy to over-look such things while looking at pictures of big fish.If you have ever tried to catch carp using a 20 pound monofilament line and a size 4 hook on a very small fish water where match anglers have been using 2 pound line and size 18 hooks; you will soon discover just how crafty even the smallest of carp can become at avoiding getting hooked. In such a situation it seems obvious that a more suitable rig is needed but this does not have to be the case at all. If you have a bait that your carp really want then you can adapt your bait and not the rig.

Adapting both is even more effective of course. It is a proven fact however that even on much pressured big fish waters, that using half or a third of a boilie is more effective than a perfectly round boilie. You might use a cut-down odd shaped pop up bait for example on your rig and simply always avoid that standard round shaped bait that carp know all too well how to deal with the majority of the time.

Changing various characteristics of the bait you use so that it does not resemble baits the fish can obviously avoid is a very productive skill to develop and in fact, making your own baits teaches this in very powerful ways and gives you significant advantages over most of your fellow anglers reliant on ready made baits! (Of course as you are developing these skills you can use them to adapt your ready made bait characteristics and uses in very many ways so getting even more hidden powerful benefits from making homemade baits...)Now back to your halibut pellet hook bait avoiding carp; here are just a few simple suggestions:

You can use smaller pellets, or a different version of that pellet. Or you can scald pellets and make a paste so changing completely the nature of the bait your fish encounter. Or you can use halibut pellet powder instead of semolina or instead of soya flour so you have a 50 percent fish meal bait for example.

There was a time when the barrel or cylinder shape bait of pellets had competitive advantages over more conventional round shaped boilies but that has reduced over the last few years as the pellet and barrel shape has become conventional in turn! So why make homemade pseudo-pellets shaped like conventional pellets or boilies at all? The oil used in halibut pellets is a very well proven high energy feeding trigger so why not add some to your baits at around a maximum of 20 millilitres of oil per kilogramme of bait. Why not make square shaped baits or completely random shaped and sized baits; after all, pellets tend to be standard shapes.

You might even coat your boilie baits in micro pellets or hemp seeds for instance... Baits which are over-weighted are often as likely to prick your fish as those that have been critically balanced; so often it comes down to those all important reference points and changing them.Various aspects of your bait can be orientated towards produces certain effects on carp senses and behaviours for instance. The reason so many substances are incorporated into baits is partly to keep providing more potent messages in the water for carp to respond to.

Most of these will be detected well before the bait is actually eaten and will already have been filter-fed upon in advance. This effect is part of the explanation why sometimes a carp might approach your bait and not eat it; perhaps it is not that the bait is repellant at all; far from it, but simply that it does not offer enough of something it essentially needs to sustain itself at that moment... Frequently carp baits are spoken about as if they are the only food in the water.

But of course your baits will be part of the continuous carp lunch consisting of bloodworm and countless fly larvae, plankton, adult insect life like caddis flies, aquatic weeds, algae, snails, mussels, shrimps, washed out old baits of all kinds, and even sediment formed by broken down pellets. Sometimes with all this going down inside a carp gut your bait is going to have to offer that little extra potent edge in order to get you a take; and that my friend is where bait making really begins of course...

By Tim Richardson.

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