Creative Ways to Propose
Creative Ways to Propose

Creative Ways to Propose

Here are some creative ways to propose marriage

1. Go crazy: propose to her at Halloween while being dressed up as a clown or some other extravagant character.

2. Extreme sport: propose to her at the top of a mountain in a skiing resort. Propose to her a split second before you two ski down. When you actually go down the hill it would be as an engaged couple and the adrenaline would not be just from speeding down the mountain!

3. Complex productions are usually a creative way to propose marriage: go to the cinema to see a movie. Arrange in advance that at the end, a large slide saying Will you marry me? with your names will appear in front of the whole audience. The applause at the end of the movie will be something special this time.

4. More extreme sport: go hiking, biking, rafting or scuba diving: anything will do. Your marriage proposal will be the climax of a thrilling day.

5. Special gift: prepare her a unique and special gift, something that would have a personal meaning to her. It could be a book binding together beautiful love songs, a picture album with pictures from your best moments together. A romantic gift with loads of personal meaning is certainly a creative way to propose.

6. Go crazy: dont be shy, invite her to a music show – opera or rock band, what ever you prefer. Perhaps a show you wouldnt usually go to, and include the musicians in your plan for a creative marriage proposal: in the middle of the show, in front of the whole audience, the singer/conductor/opera singer should sing your love a love song telling her how much you love her. At the end of the song you could kneel down and propose to her with the engagement ring.For more

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