How to Tell if a Man Really Loves You
How to Tell if a Man Really Loves You

How to Tell if a Man Really Loves You

Do you remember that quote from Jerry Maguire , "Show Me the Money?" Well that quote is pretty much your key to knowing if a man really loves you. If your man is head over heels for you he will be more likely to show you than to tell you.

Women are talkers and men are doers. We will out and out tell a guy what we feel for them but a man is more likely to show you in little and big ways. If your guy really loves you he will most likely:

    • Show up on time.
    • Open doors for you.
    • Take out the trash.
    • Remember special occasions.
    • Remember your favorite foods, color, etc..
    • Be eager to meet your family and friends.
    • Will introduce you to his family and friends.

Now your guy doesnt have to do all of these things to prove that he loves you. There is no absolute formula. But you want to look at his actions even more than his words.

If it is the beginning of your relationship and he goes out of his way to take care of something for you this is a really good sign that he is truly into you. For example, if he drives you to the airport and makes sure to get the information so that he can pick you up.

Or if you have a flat tire and he leaves work to make sure that you get taken care of and home safely.

Men are also likely to show you how they feel by the gifts that they give you. Jewelry is universally known to be a personal gift that actually has meaning for a woman. A gift of jewelry could mean that he is recognizing you as his girlfriend and that he may be ready to go to the next level. Flowers are a less certain sign but still better than say a power drill. Now some men are clueless as far as gifts are concerned, so look at the intent behind the gift before blasting him for getting something that you think is inappropriate. For example, I am a complete computer geek so if a man bought me a really cool accessory for my laptop I would be thrilled. A practical gift can just mean that he paid attention to what you are interested in.

There are also external clues that a man really loves you. Look at the way his friends and family react to you. Their level of warmth can be an indication of how he feels. If he truly is into you, they will most likely know. Does his mom and sister throw hints your way or even give you the third degree? They may be scoping you out because he has given an indication that your relationship could be serious.

Finally there are behavioral clues that a man really loves you. When you two are out are his eyes only on you or do they wander? Does he pull out the chair for you or does he plop down in his chair and leave you to fend for yourself? Does he turn off his cell phone during your meal or does he spend his entire time chatting with someone else while you sit playing with your pasta? Look at the way he acts and the way he treats you.

Telling if a man really loves you isnt rocket science. Just remember, in a mans world, actions speak louder than words.

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