Attract Her Back - Using Female Psychology
Attract Her Back - Using Female Psychology

Attract Her Back - Using Female Psychology

Most men when they try to get their ex girlfriend to come back to them, they try using things that they think will work from the perspective of their own male psychology. As you probably already know, men and women respond very differently when it comes to relationships and dating. So, to pursue a woman with the same methods and techniques that appeal to a mans psychology is NOT what you want to do. Unless of course, you DONT want to get her back.

What should you know about how to use female psychology to attract her back?

1. NEVER push her into reconciling with you. The more that you do indeed push her, the more she is going to just PULL away from you. This is the natural reaction in this situation. Yet, most men will push and push a woman, and think that this will somehow attract her back. Let me save you the time and the frustration and let you know that it will NOT accomplish this. All you will do is DRIVE her away from YOU.

2. ALWAYS allow her space and distance. In fact, you should encourage this. Why? For one, you want her to feel what it is like to MISS YOU. You also want to respect her boundaries and also allow yourself to heal from the breakup as well. Ignoring this will only result in MORE problems down the road.

3. Spark a little JEALOUSY and CURIOSITY in her. If you can get out there and meet NEW people and have an active social life, you will be able to trigger her jealousy and curiosity. She will have to wrestle with the fact that she IS still attracted to YOU. This alone can be powerful enough to attract her back to you. And as a bonus, it allows you to see things from a much more clear perspective as well.

Want to know how to attract her back?

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