If You Ever Want a Woman to Like You, Then You Must Stop Doing These 7 Things Right Away
If You Ever Want a Woman to Like You, Then You Must Stop Doing These 7 Things Right Away

If You Ever Want a Woman to Like You, Then You Must Stop Doing These 7 Things Right Away

There are so many men who wonder constantly of what do they do wrong that they are not able to attract women despite trying their best. You feel that no matter what you do you are not able to set the right impression and always end up either getting rejected or dumped. Instead of envying guys who are successful with women, trying to find out what you are doing wrong it might be of help. Here are seven of the most disastrous mistakes that men make around women:Being a doormatThere is a difference between being a nice person and being a doormat. If you want to hang around a girl and be treated like her personal man servant well, get a job as one.

Women dont appreciate guys who behave like their slaves and will never hang out leave alone be with such a person for too long.Appearing too desperateWhen you feel that a woman is not interested in you instead of taking the high road you sit down and begin to "explain" to her and try to convince her why you should be together. This is reason enough for her to walk away as nothing is more pathetic and desperate than a guy trying to convince a girl to love him.Seeking constant approvalIn order to please a woman you do not need to take her constant approval.

This immediately tilts the invisible balance of power amongst two individuals in her favor. You do not need to take her approval for everything that you do or say. This indicates that you have no mind of your own and have a very low self esteem. Both are not attractive qualities.Trying to buy affectionThe worst thing that you can do is try to buy a womans love and affection. When you do so you send out the desperate signal and end up looking like a manipulative and insecure person who only uses money to buy what he cannot achieve. Affection cannot be bought it has to be earned.

Not being in controlYou do not know how to think, feel or behave around her and thus end up looking like a blundering idiot at all times. No woman wants to be around a guy who ends up looking like a fool. So, get a grip on yourself before you meet the next girl.Expressing your feelings too soonSaying that you "really" like her just after two dates is way too early to express your true feelings for her. One, you come across as really desperate trying your best to tie her down to you as soon as you can and second, you put unnecessary amount of pressure on her to decide if she likes you or not.

Learn to enjoy the relationship and give her some space. When the time is right you will know what to do.Being disrespectfulAnother extreme is when men begin to brag too much about their accomplishments and are disrespectful towards women. Being masculine does not mean being offensive and gross.Now listen carefully-What you are about to discover something most men will never know when it comes to attracting women. This is one thing which is an absolute must know for every man out there.

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