4 Psychological Ways to Attract Women! Here is How to Persuade Them to Like You Emotionally
4 Psychological Ways to Attract Women! Here is How to Persuade Them to Like You Emotionally

4 Psychological Ways to Attract Women! Here is How to Persuade Them to Like You Emotionally

The ability to attract beautiful women seems to be like a fairytale or a dream rather than a possibility or reality for some men. If you feel that you will never be able to have success with women that you desire because you dont have the skills or talents necessary to do so, then you are wrong. The truth is that you can learn the skill to attract a woman if you follow these psychological tricks.

o Work your way into your womans mind: Once you do this it is easy to work your way into any aspect of your womans life. Using psychological means is tricky so you need to have proper timing and care to pull it off.

You have to understand the female psyche and what it is your woman really wants. Once you have that knowledge its easy to plan how to get her attention. Remember, knowledge acted upon will bring results.

o Use reverse psychology to capture her interest: Never underestimate a woman. She can spot a fake or a "come-on" a mile away. Downplay your seduction routine and act like you dont care whether she likes you or not. This will drive her absolutely crazy (especially if shes mad about you) and she will chase you.

The important thing is not to overdo it and ignore her completely or she may just lose interest in you.

o Be casual, calm and collected: This means that while she expects you to suck up to her every whim and fancy in order to impress her you surprise her by being poised and cool around her. This slight distancing will make her long for your attention and you will make a bigger impression on her, than if you are constantly lavishing attention and praise on her.

o Do the unexpected: Dont be predictable like all the other guys. She would probably expect you to do the movie or dinner thing like everyone else, but then remember she can very well do that with her girlfriends as well. Surprise her and blow her mind by doing something really different and unexpected.

You could take her boating or on a hike or even bowling. Getting behind her and showing her how not to bowl "gutter balls" is a great idea! Make sure that the evening is not BORING. This is a sure way of ensuring her getting attracted to you.

Most times women do not expect men to be really different from one another. If you challenge her and dont pussy foot around her - it is going to be a welcome change to the typical moves of most men and will keep her attracted to you.

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