Ivanka Trump: Breast Implants & Rhinoplasty
Ivanka Trump: Breast Implants & Rhinoplasty

Ivanka Trump: Breast Implants & Rhinoplasty

Ivanka Trump is widely known due to her father, Donald Trump, a real estate mogul, book author and producer of the television shows "The Apprentice " and "Celebrity Apprentice." Ivanka is on her fathers television show and is gaining notoriety due to this and her past modeling career. Ivanka works for her father at the Trump Organization. Ivanka Trump has had breast augmentation.

Many agree, including doctors, that the breast implants are too large for Ivankas body frame. When choosing breast implants there are many things one wants to consider. You will want to choose between saline implants and silicone implants. Consult with your physician which breast implant is best for you. Before getting breast implants you will want to make sure you are done having babies and breast feeding.

You may opt to have breast implants but if you are going to have more children and breast feed, the surgery may not last as long as you had hoped it would. A good breast candidate is one that is eighteen years of age or older. A womans breasts should be fully grown before having breast implant surgery performed. Extremely rare will breast implant surgery be performed on women under the age of eighteen.

You should be practical on your expectations. You may want to have breast implants to gain more self-confidenceand self esteem. You are more than just your breasts so you should not completely focus on larger breasts changing your life. You will most likely be a happier person once you have breast implant surgery, as you will feel better about yourself; if you feel you need breast enhancement.

Before having breast augmentation you should be healthy. Share any information on medications and/or herbs you are taking with your plastic surgeon. Certain medications need to be stopped before undergoing surgery for your safety. Another plastic surgery procedure Ivanka Trump is thought to have is rhinoplasty. The bridge of her nose looks much smaller and the nose is basically perfect looking. She is thought to have possibly had chin augmentation, too.

A lot of surgical patients opt for this procedure when having rhinoplasty to keep the face balanced looking. Good rhinoplasty candidates are people who have breathing problems or have had nose injuries. In both of these cases, insurance companies will most likely pay a portion or for all of the surgery. You may simply want rhinoplasty done to improve your facial appearance.

A good candidate is at least over the age of fifteen to make sure the nose is finished growing. Rhinoplasty does go with chin alteration to make your face even more beautiful and balanced. You may want to ask your plastic surgeon if this option is right for you. Visit a

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