Did The King Of Queens, Kevin James, Get Hair Transplants?
Did The King Of Queens, Kevin James, Get Hair Transplants?

Did The King Of Queens, Kevin James, Get Hair Transplants?

Kevin James is best known for starring in the television comedy, King of Queens and was one of the balding actors who suddenly began to have new hair. This led to speculation that the actor underwent hair restoration therapy, judging by his new look. Kevin James, who was photographed with signs of hair loss, now sports a more natural look when it comes to his hair. Although he is mum about getting hair restoration therapy, many believe that he used hair transplants as a way to restore his hairline.

Scientists are still up in the air when it come to the reasons for male pattern baldness, a condition that can even affect men in their 20s, although they believe that genetic components play a huge factor. While many men are dismayed over their hair loss, balding actors have a more difficult time with this problem as they are employed in a business that places a huge emphasis on appearance. Kevin James is one of many balding actors who appears to have done something about the problem. Looking at photographs taken of the star in the past and today, it appears evident that he underwent hair restoration therapy. Whether or not this included hair transplants, a surgical procedure that can restore a natural looking hairline, remains to be seen. Most stars do not broadcast the fact that they received hair transplants, as is their right.

Balding actors can have a more difficult time getting acting roles, something on which they depend in order to make a living. Hair loss on an average man can be disconcerting, but on actors, it can mean the end of their careers. Most of them are choosing hair transplants, in which a healthy hair follicle is transplanted into the scalp through a surgical procedure, in order to not only get a more youthful appearance, but also to make sure they can still get work.

Tabloids are merciless when it comes to celebrities as they jump all over anyone who seems less than perfect. Kevin James was no exception. The talented comedic star appears to have taken steps that he remain in the business by choosing some type of hair restoration therapy that consisted of, most likely, hair transplants. This has made him appear younger and will probably help him gain additional acting roles. Hair transplants work well to restore the hairline or balding areas with a procedure that is a far cry from the hair plugs of the past. The money spent is well worth it to balding actors like Kevin James, as they most likely look at it as an investment in their career. In addition, like most men, they also gain a new sense of self confidence.

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