Know Your Babys Gender Through The Chinese Birth Chart
Know Your Babys Gender Through The Chinese Birth Chart

Know Your Babys Gender Through The Chinese Birth Chart

The Gregorian calendar has been revised from the Julian calendar by Aloysius Lilius and decreed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 A.D.. It includes 365 days plus a leap year every fourth year from 1584 until the 100 year mark, at which the leap year is skipped unless the hundredth year is divisible by four hundred.

It is the one we are all used to, so be certain that when you are looking for Chinese birth charts that you are on a lunar calendar, that you dont get them confused. If it isnt a lunar calendar, it will not predict anything by lunar influence, not birth gender or anything else that the lunar calendar is used for.

A Chinese birth chart is also known as a Chinese gender chart or Chinese birth calendar. The Chinese birth chart is based on the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar, unlike the Gregorian calendar, charts lunar cycles. The Gregorian calendar is the one we use in the Western hemisphere. A lunar calendar is used mostly for religious purposes and not unlike the Gregorian calendar, consists of about twelve synadic months or lunations for a total of 354.37 days per lunar year.

Given the difference in length, there occurs a discrepancy between lunar calendars and the more widely used Gregorian calendars. For the year of 2008 the lunar calendar began on February seventh, and in the year of 2009 the lunar year will be beginning on January the twenty-sixth. A Chinese birth chart has been calculated for you to accurately pinpoint the exact lunar cycles so you can predict the gender of your baby according to lunar influence with the chart.

Chinese birth charts can be located online. To use the charts you supply the mothers birth date, or her age, or select it from a list or chart, and then supply or select the date of conception. The chart will predict the gender of your baby for the upcoming year. The charts are said by some to be 99% accurate at predicting your babys gender. One survey of persons which totaled 24,718 entrants concluded that Chinese birth charts would be 66.5% accurate. In other words by using the chart to plan conception, you have a two to one chance of having the baby sex of your choice.

Or, a two to one chance in determining the gender of the upcoming babys sex.At these sites you can possibly find, while you are predicting your upcoming babys gender, your lunar age or zodiac sign. You might like to see the zodiac sign of your new baby, by entering its due date you can do so.

You can enter in the dates of yourself or your friends, multiple times for gender predictions or other available information according to the lunar calendar.A great online guide to the

Chinese Birth Chart

I would recommend can be found at


.com, so view this first before attempting your own.The Chinese birth chart is also called the ancient Chinese birth chart, along with, as before, the Chinese birth gender chart or the Chinese astrology birth chart. The only calendar available to Chinese 300 years ago was the lunar calendar, and it is based solely on lunar months. It is used exclusively to create the Chinese birth chart.