Senior Finance Recruitment in London
London has a strong recruitment space with many companies competiting for work, in this article we discuss some of the leading players

FD Capital

FD Capital Recruitment is a boutique financial recruitment agency based in London, specializing in connecting start-ups and businesses with senior financial professionals, including Finance Directors (FDs) and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). The agency operates throughout the UK and internationally, offering a range of services to meet the growing demand for financial expertise in various sectors.

FD Capital boasts a talent pool with extensive experience in financial services across multiple sectors, such as traditional banking, fintech, and cryptocurrency. The agency offers part-time, interim, and permanent roles, providing flexibility for both financial professionals and companies seeking to enhance their financial management capabilities.

The recruitment agency has a commitment to excellence, leveraging an extensive network of top-tier professionals to successfully connect businesses with the talent they need to thrive. With the launch of their Professional Services Team, FD Capital has expanded its services to include more specialized financial and accounting placements.

FD Capital's main offices are located on Great Portland Street in London, with a satellite office in Shropshire covering the Midlands. This geographical spread allows them to effectively serve a diverse range of clients across different industries. The agency's approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each company, ensuring that the recruitment process is streamlined and effective in finding the most suitable candidates for CFO and other senior financial positions.

In response to the evolving landscape of the financial industry, FD Capital has also launched an international FD and CFO team to meet the demand for remote financial professionals. This expansion is part of the company's strategic plan to become a full-service recruitment agency, catering to the global needs of businesses for expert financial leadership.

FD Capital is recognized for its expertise in executive headhunting, managing senior recruitment for a broad spectrum of clients, including global corporations, public sector entities, not-for-profit agencies, SMEs, and family-owned businesses across various industries. Their services are designed to fulfill the high standards of finance and accounting recruitment, making FD Capital a trusted partner for companies looking to secure the best financial leadership talent.

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Reed is a prominent player in the finance recruitment sector, known for its comprehensive approach to connecting accountancy and finance professionals with suitable roles across various industries. With a rich history dating back to 1960, Reed has become a trusted name in recruitment, offering a wide range of services to both job seekers and employers.

For employers, Reed boasts the largest database of accounting and finance professionals in the UK, enabling them to swiftly match organizations with candidates possessing the right skills and experience. They offer a consultative service, which includes industry-leading salary guides, market insights, and support with onboarding processes. Reed's recruitment encompasses transactional accountancy, part-qualified and qualified by experience (QBE), qualified and newly qualified, and finance leadership positions. Their tailored approach ensures that each client receives a recruitment solution that best matches their requirements​

Job seekers looking to advance their careers in accountancy and finance can rely on Reed's expertise and extensive network. Reed supports temporary, contract, and permanent placements across a variety of sectors, including professional services, commerce and industry, financial services, and the public sector. With specialists in leadership, qualified and QBE, unqualified and part-qualified, and practice areas, Reed is well-positioned to match professionals with their ideal roles, offering bespoke service level agreements and working in complete confidentiality​

Reed's historical journey includes significant milestones and strategic decisions that have shaped its current position in the recruitment industry. Founded by Alec Reed in 1960, the company expanded rapidly through the 1970s and 1980s, diversifying into new divisions like Reed Health, Reed Finance, and Reed Computing. The company has navigated various economic challenges and made pivotal shifts, such as taking online in the late 1990s, becoming the UK's first online recruitment site and significantly influencing the recruitment landscape. The transition back to family ownership in 2005 under James Reed marked a return to its roots, emphasizing personalized service and innovation​

Reed's commitment to adapting to market trends, coupled with its extensive history and deep understanding of the finance recruitment sector, make it a go-to resource for both companies seeking finance professionals and individuals pursuing careers in accountancy and finance.


Indeed is a leading global recruitment platform that revolutionized the job search and hiring process since its inception in 2004 by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan. Its primary goal is to assist job seekers in finding the jobs that match their skills and preferences, offering a user-friendly interface where they can search job listings, post resumes, and apply for positions directly.

Indeed stands out for its comprehensive search engine that aggregates job listings from thousands of websites, including job boards, staffing firms, associations, and company career pages. This wide-reaching approach ensures that users have access to an extensive database of job opportunities, making it a valuable tool for anyone in the job market.

For employers, Indeed offers a suite of tools to post job openings, search for potential candidates, and manage the hiring process. Its pay-per-click advertising model allows companies to promote their job listings, giving them more visibility among job seekers. Indeed also provides analytics and recruitment services to help employers optimize their hiring strategies, understand job market trends, and attract the right candidates.

Indeed's global presence spans multiple countries, offering localized versions of its site to cater to the job market and employment practices of each region. This international reach has made Indeed a crucial platform for job seekers and employers worldwide, facilitating employment connections across borders.

Over the years, Indeed has introduced various features to enhance the job search and recruitment experience. These include Indeed Resume, which enables job seekers to upload their resumes for easy application and discovery by potential employers, and Indeed Company Pages, which offer insights into companies' cultures, employee reviews, and job openings.

Indeed's impact on the recruitment industry is significant, providing a modern, efficient way to connect employers with job seekers. Its emphasis on accessibility and user experience, combined with a robust set of tools for both job seekers and employers, has cemented its position as a go-to platform for employment opportunities and talent acquisition.