The Best Time To Visit San Diego
The Best Time To Visit San Diego

The Best Time To Visit San Diego

San Diego is one of the premier summer vacation spots in America. That being said, you might be surprised to learn the best time of the year for roasting on the beach is not in the middle of summer.

San Diego is considered an ideal vacation spot for many reasons. First and foremost, it has beaches. Second, it is sunny and warm, but not brutally hot or muggy, most of the year. Third, there is a lot to do ranging from hiking to ballooning to golf to visiting the San Diego Zoo to, of course, playing in the ocean.

Most visitors come to the city from June through August. There really isnt a bad time to visit San Diego, but this three month period is the high season and it can get busy. Roads pile up with traffic. Parking for the beach can be difficult on the weekends. In short, paradise gets a bit stuffed with day to day problems.

What most people dont know is the June through August period is only the second best time to visit San Diego. September and October are actually the best months. It seems there is never a cloud in the sky and the beaches and such are not packed to the gills with people. If you are considering a trip to Americas Finest City, you might want to take advantage of this period of time.

Ah, but what about downsides. If youve traveled much, you know that many vacation destinations in the world practically shut down when the high season is over. Parts of Greece, for instance, practically become ghost towns. Is this also true for San Diego? It is not.

San Diego is a vacation destination, but it is also a city with a large domestic population in the millions. Shockingly, we do pretty much the same thing you do when here. We go to the beach, the Zoo, fishing and so on. We send out kids to surf school and so on. Given this, there is little reason for most businesses to close down in the low season. A few might, but they tend to be the exception.

If youre looking for a spot to spend the end of summer and early fall, you cant do much better than San Diego. Its warm and beautiful out.

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