How to Make My Ex Chase Me Around - This Dirty Psychological Tactic Works Extremely Well
How to Make My Ex Chase Me Around - This Dirty Psychological Tactic Works Extremely Well

How to Make My Ex Chase Me Around - This Dirty Psychological Tactic Works Extremely Well

After breaking up with your partner wouldnt it be wonderful if your ex-partner chased you instead of you tracking and chasing him/her? Well, it certainly can be possible if you follow these 3 ways on how to make your ex chase you around...

No.1 - Make others chase you. The best way to get your exs attention is to get others to chase you before his/her eyes. Get your friends to act out a chasing routine whenever your ex is present. Your ex will notice feelings of jealousy and desire envelope him/her and will get goaded into action.

No.2 - Renovate your looks and attitude. Instead of shedding tears immediately after your breakup, discard those pounds and dull looks and go in for a complete renovation and rejuvenation package for your body and soul. This will enable you to emerge like an entire new person from your old cocoon and simply stun your ex when he/she sees you after a few weeks. By this time, your ex would have anyway started missing you again and this dramatic entry will only pull him/her towards you.

No.3 - Control your ex like a puppet. Instead of always being visible to your ex, make it a point to remain in his/her sights only for a small period of time. Live your own life and let your ex realize that you have taken the breakup in your stride.

Exude confidence from every pore of your body but make it a point to meet your ex for fleeting moments at parties or even at the mall. When your ex looks at the new confident you, then he/she will certainly develop a strong desire to share your success and hook up with you again. Remain in control of any situation with your ex so that he/she always remains in awe of you.

These 3 ways will convince your ex that he/she has truly let go of a diamond and this will push them into chasing you again in a bid to win you back. Your new looks, attitude, and a little bit of sneaky chasing by your friends will certainly make your ex chase you back into his/her life again.

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