The Contact Ex Boyfriend Playbook - Tips and Tricks To Winning Back Your Ex
The Contact Ex Boyfriend Playbook - Tips and Tricks To Winning Back Your Ex

The Contact Ex Boyfriend Playbook - Tips and Tricks To Winning Back Your Ex

Trying to win back your boyfriend after a break up? Wondering exactly what the contact ex boyfriend etiquette should be? The following article will tell you exactly when, where, and how to reconnect on both friendly and romantic levels with your ex. Learn step by step tips, tricks, and techniques for winning back an ex boyfriend, no matter what your current situation.

When your relationship ends, youre placed in a very unnatural position. Your ex was very likely a big part of your life these past few months or years. But now all of a sudden, youre forbidden to talk to this person. This was someone you saw, called, and enjoyed laughing with each day. Whats worse, you might now see your ex doing these things with other friends, classmates, or people you work with. It can be a very painful thing to not be a part of someones daily life, after having been involved for so long.

If youre trying to get back together with your ex, the first thing youll need to realize is that the path is long. Theres no easy fix for a breakup: rebuilding any long-term relationship takes both patience and time. Get rid of any preconceived notions of jumping back into each others arms after a few short days, because odds are thats not going to happen. When your boyfriend dumps you unwantingly, the only way to restart the romance is to make your ex want you back

The early steps are always the toughest, and these involve doing two very difficult things. The first is a matter of you embracing your breakup. You cannot move forward until you have both feet firmly planted on the ground, and this wont happen until you accept the fact that your relationship is over. Your romantic relationship with your boyfriend has ended, and if you want a new one youll have to start over from scratch. Putting this past relationship behind you is a difficult concept to for some people to grasp, but the sooner you can do it the easier it will be to get him back.

The second thing youll need to accomplish: breaking all communication with your ex. No contact ex boyfriend etiquette requires that you do this. You need to get your head clear and you also need to make him miss you. Youll never be able to concentrate on accomplishing anything when youre always seeing or hearing from your ex. More importantly, he cant miss you if youre constantly emailing, calling, or text-messaging him 30 times a day. As hard as it may be, you need to let it go. Console yourself by keeping the end goal in mind: winning back your boyfriend.

When you manage to finally do this, your ex will all of a sudden wonder what happened to you. Every guy expects to hear from an ex girlfriend after the breakup... on some level or another. A guy wants to know several things: what youre doing, who youre doing it with, and how badly you miss him. Even though he was the one who dumped you, hes still going to care about what you do next. Not seeing you around will always make a guy curious.

Hes also going to be nervous for one big reason: in the event he wants you back. Every man who ever broke up with a woman tries to implement the same thing - an open door reunion policy. Men like to know that you still need them... this feeds their ego and gives them security. It also lets them think they can get you right back in case they decide to change their mind. By disappearing from your boyfriends view and accepting your breakup, youve yanked the door to your relationship almost completely closed. And while this sounds detrimental to getting him back, its actually very good. Your ex will be freaked out because he wants to be the one in control of the door. As soon as you grab the knob, youve taken control of your own break up.

Once this happens, your boyfriend will become extremely interested in you again. Youre reaching the point where reestablishing a form of contact with your ex-boyfriend will help your situation. This is the first big step on the path to winning back your exboyfriend. Making that contact is important, but even more critical is how and when you make it. Youll also need to know what exactly what to do youve reconnected with him again, to capitalize on his sudden renewed interest.

There are 8 individual steps necessary to  getting an ex back

. These are only 3 of them. To read about the rest and for a complete, detailed guide to reversing a breakup, be sure to check out how to Get Back An Ex Boyfriend!