Viewing MySpace Profile Which is Set to Private
Viewing MySpace Profile Which is Set to Private

Viewing MySpace Profile Which is Set to Private

Just a few years ago, MySpace was the world’s most visited social networking site, specifically in the year 2005 to the early portion of 2008. In fact, MySpace was the most visited website in the US in June 2006, even surpassing Google. Though it’s not so popular nowadays, MySpace still managed to draw more than 33 million unique visitors in the US in August, 2011.

Some of the features on MySpace include the “Groups” feature which allows users to share a message board and common page, MySpaceIM, MySpace API, MySpace News, and MySpace Polls. MySpace users can also depict their moods, post blogs, blurbs, and comments, customize their profiles, share music, and more.

Currently, MySpace is partly owned by international superstar Justin Timberlake who promises to make the MySpace experience even more special. If you are a MySpace user, just like many other MySpace users, you may have thought how awesome it will be if you can view a MySpace profile which is set to private.

Now, MySpace allows users to set their profiles to private. When users set their profiles to private, they have the right to screen their friends, permitting only those people who they have accepted as friends to access their photos, videos, blog, playlists, comments, and whatever else they have on their pages. Under normal circumstances, the right thing to do is just to respect the person’s privacy and request to be the person’s friend.

Yet, there may be some reasons why you should want to view somebody’s MySpace profile which is set to private. The greatest thing about networking sites is that people can meet other people. Each day, there are millions of people look to connect with another person on various networking sites like MySpace and it’s beautiful that one person in one corner of the earth can make a connection with another person from another corner of the earth so easily.

Now, you may be browsing some MySpace users and you come across somebody who looks interesting to you but you are not so sure. It can be tough to make a decision because you only have one picture to look at so you wish to see more before deciding if you send the request to be a friend with the person. Of course, the final decision does not rest with you and whether you are accepted or not, it’s not dependent on whether you can view some other pictures of the person or not.

Perhaps, you may want to see more pictures so that you feel it’s more worthwhile to make the request because it’s harder to take a rejection just based on one picture. There may also be the case where you think you have come across your old school mate or long lost friend on MySpace, which happens often enough. Instead of just rushing to add the person as a friend and spew out a whole bunch of sentimental musings, isn’t it more prudent to at least make sure that the person is really old school mate or friend?

As much as the internet has opened a lot of doors and opportunities for people around the world, it has also opened up a lot of doors and opportunities for frauds and crooks. This is why a smart MySpace use or any other user on a social networking site will be skeptical when a person suddenly comes and say that he or she recognizes them as a former classmate or neighbor. Not only will they reject you but they may make a complaint with MySpace, which may not be good news for you.

One picture may paint a thousand words but to judge if a person is indeed your old friend or classmate from just one single picture may be quite a tough challenge. Now that we have established some of the good reasons why you may want to view a MySpace profile which is set to private, let’s take a look at how you can do it. Most people use Google but they may not have Google toolbar. If you wish to view a MySpace profile which is set to private, the first thing to do is to download and install the Google toolbar.

Once the Google toolbar is successfully installed, you have to get the Firefox browser from the toolbar. Now, you may already have a Firefox browser but according to the person who discovered this particular technique, it’s imperative that your Firefox browser is downloaded from the toolbar.

The Firefox browser is totally free to download and install. Using the Firefox browser, go to the MySpace homepage and log in. Next, you will go to profile of the person you are interested to view. Click on the “View” button located at the top of the browser and click on “Page Style”. Now, you will be offered two options, namely, “No Style” and “Basic Page Style”. Simply select “No Style” and you are done.

It must be said that the private MySpace profile may not be pleasing to the eyes but you will be able to view the contents. Now, it must be said that this technique works on some computers and not on others so there’s also an element of luck involved. In actuality, MySpace gets quite a lot of fire for security problems so they may detect and solve the leakage before too long.

If you have searched for ways to view MySpace profiles set to private, you may find a lot of outdated information which is not applicable today. Now, there’s also a program which helps you to view MySpace profiles which are to private. You can download the program for free at and start accessing private MySpace profiles.

It installs in seconds and it’s a powerful tool to help you to view MySpace profiles which are set to private. If all else fails, it is then best to just go the civil way and request to be a friend with the person of interest. Even if you may be rejected or ignored, this may just be the only way to go.