Why Do Women Run Away From Nice Guys? 4 Reasons Most Guys Arent Even Aware of
Why Do Women Run Away From Nice Guys? 4 Reasons Most Guys Arent Even Aware of

Why Do Women Run Away From Nice Guys? 4 Reasons Most Guys Arent Even Aware of

Women always claim that all they want is a "nice guy" but the moment a nice guy appears they run in the opposite direction. So what is behind this thinking of theirs? Do they not want the nice guy, or, do they not know what a nice guy is?

Often we make the mistake of classifying a man who is a quintessential doormat as a nice guy. This is where all men go wrong. Some of the reasons why women run from nice guys are as follows:

• Constant need for approval: Men who feel they need constant approval from a woman, the "nice guy", keep on doing anything and everything that a woman asks them to do. They will go to any lengths to please the woman they are with making her feel in complete control of the situation.

This makes the woman the "boss" and not a partner thereby tipping the balance of a relationship. Such men cannot earn the respect of a woman and make her feel that she does not want to be in such a relationship.

• Intimidation: Such insecure men who will go to any lengths to get a womans approval feel intimidated and nervous at all times. This leads to them working too hard in order to impress the woman that they are with and when his efforts go unnoticed it leads to frustration.

This frustration makes them try even harder for the approval that they want making them clingy, needy and desperate, thus making the woman feel no respect towards him. A woman does not want to be around a man who she does not respect.

• Hunger for attention: These so called nice guys are so hungry for attention that they allow any behavior meted out to them. They will carry her bags, bring her drinks, entertain her friends and pick up the tab at the end of the evening.

The woman understands that such a man can be easily manipulated, as he is willing to go any length just so that she continues to speak with him. This hunger also makes the man talk more and more of his feelings and emotions and gives her a feeling that he is not strong enough to be a man.

• Is not in control: Women flock to men who are in control, of their emotions, of their feelings and their surroundings. This nice guy often is the exact opposite making the woman feel like shes with a loser. Hell listen to her and treat her all nice but thats not enough.

If she wanted to hang out with a girlfriend she would. Since she chooses to be with a man, its time to shed the nice guy clothing and become a man that she can respect and be proud to be with!

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