Top 5 Personality Traits That Attract Women
Top 5 Personality Traits That Attract Women

Top 5 Personality Traits That Attract Women

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Women are attracted to more than just good looks, money, or fame in men and though there is a long list of personality traits that women feel are important, there are 5 top personality traits that women agree count for more than a being rich or famous. What may surprise you to learn is how many men overlook these sought after qualities that attract women consistently. The guys that seem to attract women consistently are not always those guys who have the money but those that know the secrets about what really attracts women. Here are the top 5 personality traits that attract women:

1. Confidence is perhaps the number one personality trait that women find most attractive in any man. A mans confidence indicates they can take care of their own needs as well as the womans wants or desires. Confident men are able to display all the other traits women find attractive without bluster.

2. Attentiveness is not necessarily listening when you do not wish to or pulling out chairs for an attractive woman. It is attention to her needs and those of others as well. Women are surprisingly perceptive about this quality and if you pay attention to her needs but are uncaring of others this indicates a lack of attentiveness. Be consistent in this personality trait as it is very attractive to women.

3. A sense of fun and humor is desired by women and is an attractive feature in a man and a woman responds to a man who has the ability to share humor with her. This very attractive trait does not necessarily involve telling jokes but the ability to see humor in any situation. Humor is definitely one of the top 5 personality traits that attract women.

4. Sincerity and honesty when dealing with a woman is one of the top 5 personality traits that attract the most women in almost every situation. Honesty simply means fewer complications in trying to remember what you already said. Women feel more secure with a man they feel is honest and sincere. Women are usually attracted to men who make them feel secure.

5. Women find intelligence an attractive feature in a man. This does not mean he has to be a genius either or a nerd just a man able to comment on and discuss things that are interesting to them both. A man who is capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation is attractive to even the most successful of women.

What this means is the top 5 personality traits that attract women are possessed by most men. They may be hidden as being unmanly or not emphasized enough but most men have these traits already. All that is required to allow those personality traits expressions when you interacting with a woman and you will be amazed at how many women are attracted to you.


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