How to Erect a Caravan Awning
How to Erect a Caravan Awning

How to Erect a Caravan Awning

You have been looking forward to this caravan expedition that you and your wife have planned for your tenth anniversary. What could be more romantic than watching the sunrise and sunset in the shelter of your caravan porch awning and smelling the fragrant fresh wood scents all around you? Everything has been well prepared and arranged. You already rented a great recreational vehicle and even bought a cozy looking caravan porch awning to boot. Your romantic getaway is almost complete. The only thing that has been tugging at your thoughts is how to put the caravan porch awning without so much struggling.

Here are some steps that will make your caravanning life easier:

1. Make sure that the awning channel of your caravan is lubricated. This will make certain that pulling your awning through the channel is easier. You can use a silicone lubricant for this purpose.

2. Spread the groundsheet over the area where you will put up your caravan porch awning frame. Make sure that the sheet is placed near the awning channel.

3. Like any other thing that needs to be assembled, caravan porch awnings have parts that fit better with other parts. It would be best to mark the pieces that fit together with the same colors so that you wont have a problem next time.

4. If you can get help, ask somebody to pull the awning through the channel while you feed the awning slowly, section by section. This will help avoid getting the awning stuck through the channel.

5. Once you have the awning in place through the channel, check the roof cords and fit the awning brackets into them.

6. Fit the center vertical poles first then put them in place in the canvass. The repeat the procedure on the other legs and frame parts.

7. You can now attach the roof pole. After attaching the roof pole, slightly increase the tension. Before you fully adjust the tension, fit the other roof poles first to ensure that everything is taut and that the fabric is snug. This makes sure that your caravan porch awning is strong enough to withstand wind and rain.

8. Fasten the front and the side parts so that the legs can be adjusted to the correct height and tautness.

9. Make sure that the awning is pegged down at the corners first before putting the skirt through the bottom awning channel to ensure a snug fit. This will make the process of pegging down the rest of the awning easier.

10. Then, you can add some stuff like wheel arch covers or storm straps.

Caravan awnings UK are available in various choices. Different caravan porch awnings have slightly different instructions for putting them up. But those are the basic steps to make the setting up of you awning simpler, easier and even fun. There are a number of caravan porch awnings to choose from with Caravan awnings UK. Plus, these different awnings cater to your specific need or want.

So for that perfect romantic anniversary celebration, find the best and coziest caravan awnings UK. And make sure that your date will not have to end up in a fight because of the struggle to put up your caravan porch awning. Have the greatest trip of your life and enjoy the outdoors with the added bonus of comfort and safety of a good awning.

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