An Illusion Of Height In Short Legs
An Illusion Of Height In Short Legs

An Illusion Of Height In Short Legs

In the world of fashion nothing is impossible. Women come with different types of problem, which seems quite impossible to solve at first. But later everything becomes normal. There is a solution to every problem, whether its regarding dress, figure, appearance or anything else. Here we are going to discuss one such problem of having short legs.

Its impossible to get everything you want. Like you want straight hairs, but have curly ones, you cant help it. You have to accept them. But its not so that straightening of hairs cannot be done. So many techniques have come up to solve this problem. Thus it can be seen that by doing little transformation everything can be achieved.

Women with short legs have misconception that they cannot look taller. Though its not so, there is a solution to this also. By changing the way of dressing one can get into any look. For that you have to give careful thought to style, cut, hemline, color, and print of the dress. Body gets an elongated look, if worn properly as per the requirement of the short legs to create wonders.

To have height is everybodys wish and this feeling becomes more intense while watching models on the ramp. It is equally true that everyone cannot become like them or have the same height but by changing the dressings style we can give taller appearance to the body. This is in our hands and we can make the most out of it. We have to create the silhouette that give an illusion of lengthening of legs. To know the correct dressing style is the only way that can lead to our destination.

Trousers, pants, dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, colors, prints, shoes and handbags all should be appropriate enough for the taller look. Lets know about each of them separately. It will give a clear picture about how to dress up to create an illusion of height in short legs?


* While choosing the trousers choose the one that fits you well. They can also do a hell for you, if you will choose the wrong style. They should not be too tight.

* Long, wide and fully flared trousers are the best for the ones having short legs as they cover the shoe and give an illusion of leg length by adding inches.

* High waist trousers are the style of shorter legs. Thats why hemlines matter a most in this case. If you fall short of ankle it will give you even shorter look.

* High waistbands are the current trend of the season. They lengthen the legs, thus very high in demand.


* Short skirts give a taller look to short legged women. They highlight the legs and appear as if you are tall. Thats why considered appropriate.

* Empire waist dresses is another good option. Cincture falls just under the bust line, creating a longer look for legs.

* Long, ankle touching maxi dress is also very flattering for elongating legs. Their close fitting disguise the heeled shoes worn under it, thus imparting lengthening look to legs.


* Long tops over trousers give the impression of longer legs. So wear long tops.

* Do not wear cropped tops.

* Top having V-neckline is also good for a taller look.


* Long line jackets are good for showing off long legs. Wearing heels with them will give the look of extra height.

* There is one more option to elongate legs i.e. to wear long jackets with shorter skirts and vice-versa.


* Being in a same color dress from top till bottom serves to elongate legs. This includes shoe also of the same color, not only dress. Similar color tones add extra inches.

* Prints on a dress also serve a lot in giving longer appearance to legs. Like vertical chevron on the lower part of a dress give taller look while horizontal chevron gives an even shorter look.


* Dont do a mistake of wearing flat shoes. You can wear ballet flats but that too with dresses ending above the knees. Pointed shoes are good to wear rather than rounded or squared ones.

* Stilettos can be teamed up with any outfit. A pair of sexy and stylish stilettos will make you appear taller. High-heeled shoes should be worn with dresses below knees. But remember it should be of the same color of the dress.


* Handbags are also good companion for elongating legs. Long bags are quite helpful for it. Large bags shorten the look.

Creating a taller look is not a tough tasking rather an easy one. All proportions play an important role in fulfilling this chore. Standing straight, back shoulders and straight looking are some of the signs of attitude, which is very essential in accomplishing a goal of tall looking.

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