Why Women Fall for Bad Boys
Why Women Fall for Bad Boys

Why Women Fall for Bad Boys

This whole concept is completely illogical to countless millions of men who are great catches or take the traditional courtship approach to dating. They dont understand how women keep falling for these guys.

Lets look briefly at the actual relational and social dynamics that are going on so we can understand more of this phenomenon. This way maybe you can prevent being the guy your beautiful girl-friend cries her shoulder on about the jerk shes seeing.

Instead you can be the all around guy that she ends up getting physical with for both the benefit of both of you.

Todays women are living in a paradox. They often cant even explain why they do what they do. Everything logically tells them one thing; to GO for the really nice guy who brings her presents and has a lot to offer.

Unfortunately, almost always (unless shes a gold-digger who wants to use him) her heart isnt into it. She doesnt have feelings for this kind of guy. Sure it appeals to the popular social ideal thats proported in music and movies, but when did that help you or her out?

I mean, are you really looking to get married with a woman starting from the first date? You dont even know her yet!

Times have changed his our grandfathers courted our grandmothers!

Society basically promotes the edification of the woman; chasing her, putting her before you and essentially on a pedestal. Shes the prize to catch, but all of this gives her the power and favor in the relationship which isnt natural.

This is also taught to us by our mothers so that nice guys would become good, caring husbands. So many men have taken this advice seriously (because its also promoted in movies, music and t.v.) that we now have a social pandemic of epic proportions.

Throw into the mix that society has reversed the social power and given it to women while at the same time repressing these men even further, and youve got more of a relational mess.

None of these nice guys are right for the girl because theyre coming on too strong too soon (for a long-term relationship) and primarily because though the women can take the guy to her parents, she doesnt feel attracted to him.

She now has more freedom than ever and with social influence like Sex and the City she wants to have fun and be casual.

She wants to get to know a guy instead of being pressured into a marriage type relationship with him before knowing him.

So what is left for a womans physical freedom? The (now-glorified) outcasts. The bad boys, jerks, a-holes, etc. who didnt care about mainstream social programming, therefore werent affected by it like the mainstream men.

These guys have maintained their natural character and havent been influenced or altered to fit any social norms.

Thus, they are the closest thing to being a man and the women are attracted to these guys because they can trust them to be themselves.

When the woman can trust a man to be himself, she can open herself up around him because she knows what shes getting.

She can trust him to be him for who he is.

The bad boys and jerks are living in their own reality. Theyre not subject to the doctrine of mainstream society so they dont let that get in the way of just being natural. All men and women instinctively know the mating process; social influence (and then the inner belief of that social influence) has just got in the way.

The runt of the litter starts believing he actually IS disfavored and undesirable when it was really just his social environment that influenced him.

You dont have to learn how to have success with women and dating. You have to UNLEARN everything that has corrupted your ability to know what to do.

Its time for millions of these mainstream men who really DO have long-term value to step up and understand relational dynamics so that they can give women what they want; a real man.

Not the jellyfish-backboned manboy who caters to her every whim and desire.

The shift hasnt happened yet on a mass scale, but when more men start stepping up, women will then be able to prefer these guys over the outcasts.

Women have to be attracted to a man and this is her own natural and biological character; its the opposite of her own social conditioning.

Apply Alpha Relational Dynamics and you can be the man that women want and you can frame the type of relationships you want and they can take it or leave it; join you or not.

You can take them away from the tremendous social pressures they are going through and literally HAVE TO uphold. Otherwise theyll go back to their romance novels, vibrators, and ice cream.

Listening to social programming even more is just damaging. You have the power to differentiate yourself from it and re-frame your entire reality so that you have the same power as a bad boy without all of the bad drama.

Then youll have the dating success you deserve.

-Rion Williams