Many Lamb Names to Choose From
Many Lamb Names to Choose From

Many Lamb Names to Choose From

When you have a cuddly baby lamb, you need to carefully consider you options in lamb names before choosing one for your pet. One of the most popular names in this category of pet names is Agnes. Agnes was a virgin martyr in Roman times and her emblem was the lamb. If you are not too fussy on this name, there are actually 75 variants of the name, which include Aggie, Ag, Agnah and Annice. if you have a male lamb, you can choose a variant of the girls name to suit your pet lamb, such as Agot.

If you are looking for a rare and unusual name for a lamb, Bunty is a good choice. Although it is a female name, there are not many girls with this name making it suitable for either a male or female pet. Berty, Bonny, Bently and Benni are names that sound quite similar and are names suitable for lambs.

You do have to remember that even though the lamb is small now, it will grow into an adult ewe or ram. This is something you have to take into consideration when choosing a name. If you have a list of names for your lamb, try out some of them on fully grown sheep to see how they sound. You will find that cute and cuddly names may not sound as nice when you are calling an adult of this animal species.

There are funny names that will suit your pet lamb quite well even into adulthood. Since the sound a sheep makes is Baa, you can use this in the name, such as Baaby or Baabara. In fact the name Robert actually means Baa making it quite suitable for a boy sheep. If you want you can shorten it to Rob, Bob or Bobby. Molly is a suitable name for a lamb that is very inquisitive.

Naming your lamb after their favourite band or singer is something that many people do. A favourite character in a book or movie is also an option to look at. Since lambs are born in the spring of the year, you can look at using the name Spring or the Japanese translation of the word, which is Hura. Why not search for translation of the word pring in different languages to find one you like and that is easy to pronounce. Some of these translations may not lend themselves to a name, such as the French word rintemps?

You should also look at the variety of the lamb before you make your choice in names. A Dorset Down ram could be aptly named Mars or Ares after the Roman and Greek gods of war. The name can also reflect the color, such as Caramel, Nutmeg or even Spice. Sugar is a nice name for a lamb and if you have a pair, you could name them Sugar and Spice.

Look at the characteristics of the lamb when choosing a name too. Not all lambs look alike so there will be distinguishing marks that you can use to help you, such as a tuft of hair or a black mark on the face.

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