The Possibility Matrix Method - Guaranteed To Solve Every Sudoku
The Possibility Matrix Method - Guaranteed To Solve Every Sudoku

The Possibility Matrix Method - Guaranteed To Solve Every Sudoku

Sudoku books are sold in plenty and the only other books that sell more are those of J.K. Rowlings (of Harry Potter fame) and Kevin Trudeaus!

U.S.A. Todays top-selling booklist features six Sudoku books!

The top 5 slots in Switzerlands bookshops have Sudoku books. So says Orell Fussli, the owner of the largest bookshop.

Londons Michael Mepham has produced 11 Sudoku books since May 2005!

Five publishers, together supply 666,000 homes with Sudoku magazines!! Phew!!!

All these indicate that the numbers of Sudoku lovers are on the rise.

Initiates to the game are constantly looking for easy ways to solve Sudoku.
Here, I am going to discuss the application of a solving system called the Possibility Matrix method.

Below is a Simple As Possible (SAP) puzzle, given as a sample, to teach you how easy it is if you follow a simple minimal method to solve Sudoku.

A SAP puzzle comes under the classification of easy puzzles. There is a step-by-step method of solving a Very Easy SAP Puzzle.

To start with, every SAP puzzle is a Sudoku of Order 2, with 16 squares. A Sudoku of Order 2 has 4 major squares, and each major square has 4 minor squares, within it. So, we have 16 minor squares in all.

Problem at hand - To find the unique value for each minor square.

1. Only numbers 1 to 4 can be used to fill the cells.
2. Repetition of any number within any row not permitted.
3. Repetition of any number within any column not permitted.
4. Repetition of any number within any major square not permitted.

Since Sudoku is best explained with pictures, which is not quite possible without having a look at the grid, please click the link below to learn:

Simple, wasnt it?

This was your first step towards becoming an expert solver.

Heres another easy SAP puzzle for you, similar to the last one.
Try solving it, using what you have learned from reading this.

Click below to access the puzzle:

In fact, I am going to give you some real scoop on solving Sudokus using the Possibility Matrix. The aim is to solve the puzzle completely! To achieve this, you have to apply a method called Reduction, first. As the name implies, this method involves reducing the Table or Matrix, removing newly created exclusions, if any.

Here, a SAP Puzzle is given to explain the Reduction process in the easiest possible way.
To get a clear view you are advised to click below and learn.

So, how do you feel now, having solved an easy SAP puzzle using the Possibility Matrix method?

In a future article, I will discuss another interesting feature called the Tie-breaker Rule in the Probability Matrix method which will help you solve any Sudoku puzzle under the Sun.

Till then, keep solving Sudoku and keep smiling...


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Heres to a happier Sudoku experience!

Richard Runion
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