How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend My 5 Top Tips
How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend My 5 Top Tips

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend My 5 Top Tips

If you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back if she has a boyfriend then youre in for a treat! Many men have been through this scenario so first of all dont think that youre alone. Now as other men have been through this predicament before they have already made all the mistakes, which means you dont have to!

But please dont panic, keep focused and lets really examine your next steps as they are extremely crucial. Heck its the difference between getting your ex girlfriend back if she has a boyfriend or not! Here are my 5 top tips to get your ex girlfriend back the right way.

#1 Begging Is For Beggars Your Not!

If you think that going on your knees is an option then you really need to think again. This is not a worthy choice as this doesnt examine the reasons that she left you in the first place. Nor does it "speak" to her emotional side as begging can only really show your insecurities about yourself and that you need her to reassure you. Even if this is true it is not the right avenue to go down to get your ex girlfriend back.

#2 Act Like A Real Man

Keep your actions under your own control, ensure that your decisive over yourself at this time and above all show confidence, even if youre not! You see being in a state of passive aggressiveness will only make things worse. You need to show her that youre happy for her regardless of the situation as this shows maturity. But also show her what she missing out on, the responsible, assuring, certain and secure you that she once had. Top Tip: *Make it seem as if you are moving on with your life, even if you arent*

#3 Friends Is Better Than Enemies

Staying friends is one of the key aspects of getting your ex back if she has a boyfriend. The crucial aspect her is that by staying friends you keep the metaphoric door of opportunity open. Honour your friendship, even if you feel as if youre getting close to her. If you stay true to your word, at least for a small amount of time, you will show her that you mean what you say and you are in control of your life now. Then when the time and circumstances are right make your "get my girlfriend back" move!

#4 The Rebound Boyfriend

9 times out of 10 the boyfriend that your ex girlfriend has is a rebound boyfriend, which isnt a "proper" boyfriend at all. You see girls do this for many reasons the main one being exactly the reason why they never last; They are just "rebounds" meaning that they have let all their usual affection based guards down and let the first "stranger in" for closure purposes mostly. If you think about it, it actually makes sense. Wouldnt you do the same, find some quick fix girl to show your ex that you are no longer interested? These types of relationships almost certainly never last so just "bite your lip" and wait.

#5 Be A Busy Bee

This is ones a peach! Anything that you have always wanted to do, or have been thinking about doing for some time go out and do it. I remember when i tried to get my ex girlfriend back when she had a boyfriend and i decided to keep busy. I started going to the gym, i joined a football club, i started learning Spanish, i got a new hair cut, heck i even started collecting comics, anything to keep my mind occupied and me busy. You see if youre keeping yourself busy she will wonder why you havent been contacting her and curiosity will get the better of her eventually. Then when she calls (and she will call) and youre "coincidentally" busy she be intrigued with your current lifestyle. Think she will call back - Yep, think she be interested in what youre doing - Yep - Think youll get her back - Well see. By following these steps your chance will increase substantially.

Now obviously every relationship is different so you will have to deviate and adapt certain parts of these steps, but no-one knows your ex girlfriend better than you anyway so ensure that you dont "over do" or "under do" any of these steps. Take it slow and remember that time really does heal. Do some thinking about why you actually broke up in the first place, adapt, adjust and re-identify yourself and ensure that when you do get back together you talk through your problems together, in your preferred way, making sure that these have been resolved properly.

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