How Do I Get an Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend
How Do I Get an Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend

How Do I Get an Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has A Boyfriend

Most of the girls get themselves some boyfriend instantly after fresh break up. These guys can be called as "Rebound boyfriends". Girls do this mainly to get themselves some ego boost. They get a boyfriend just in the hopes of appearing that they can live without you and they are no longer interested in you. But, you know what?

95% of the rebound relationships end up as failure. The main reason for this is, as explained above, there is no real love or commitment in there. It just a relationship made up for some other purpose like showing themselves confident or making you jealous.

So, how do you get your ex girlfriend even when she has a boyfriend?

Be cool and respect:
Dont get freaky, start arguing with her. This will only show you as some guy who has no maturity. Just appreciate her decision to break up with you and choose a new boyfriend. Apologize gently for not being a person whom she would love to be with and move away from her (for the time being) and just leave a note that you will be a friend however.

If you do this, it will increase the reputation for you in her mind. She will respect your maturity.

But, get busy:
I asked you to apologize and leave a note to be a friend. But apology doesnt mean you should write "I love you so much, I will be always for you, I will miss you yada yada yada". Just a "lets be friends" would suffice. But, dont be available to her so that she can call you and start speaking to you like a friend. Just get busy, dont call her back, even if she calls, reply only to what she wants and then just tell her you are bust and cut the call. But, you should do it with caution. Dont over do it, else she will find out, you are cutting down her calls. You should do it with a strategy.

Start improving, Get busy really:
If there were some reasons for the failure of your relationship, start working out to remove those bad habits you have been having. Also start training physically and mentally (Read good psychology and relationship books, not novels).
You should aim at becoming a totally fresh person.

Tease her:
Now, after spending some real quality time on improving yourself (This should have taken a few weeks if not a couple of months) call her and speak just like some old friend. Ask her if she would join you for some coffee or anything. When she accepts and in your first meeting, take things lightly. Never talk about your relationship. Talk something in general. Do you remember all those things she likes to do, talk like you had some good time doing some great things (majority of it should be her likings) and it was much more fun. Dont brag, but just be normal and talk like someone sharing the feelings. Now she will feel left out. She will also notice all the changes you have made to yourself and will start liking you.

When you have built some solid friendship and reputation again with her, you can ask her about getting back together.

But, I have assumed general conditions. Everybodys life is unique and you should add your own twist and spin to this general framework and use it.