Embarrassing Questions To Ask A Guy: Are You Making Him Uncomfortable?
Embarrassing Questions To Ask A Guy: Are You Making Him Uncomfortable?"

Embarrassing Questions To Ask A Guy: Are You Making Him Uncomfortable?"

While it might seem like guys dont really care about being under the spot light, the truth is, they only mask their concerns with indifference. And sometimes, that mask slips off when a girl suddenly asks them one or two numbers from the ultimate list of embarrassing questions to ask a guy.

Alright, I might be going a little too far in saying that there is a real universal list, but there are some questions that fall into that category. Some of the most embarrassing questions to ask a guy might be totally harmless to you, but utterly mortifying for them. To make sure you dont trap both you and your guy in awkward situations, read on!

How Many Inches?

Is It Circumcised?

Todays society might be more open than our forefathers but asking for the length of a guys penis is still pretty much taboo wherever. Sure, he used to compare sizes with his friends when he was growing up, but for a girl to ask him that can totally turn him twenty shades of red. Most guys are sensitive about their length. This is one of the top most embarrassing questions to ask a guy so make sure you keep such thoughts to yourself.

At least, until you two are more intimate. Still on the subject of a guys length. There are few things in this world than can embarrass men like nothing else. Unlike women who are usually more sensitive to physical attributes, men dont really put a lot of emphasis on what they look like. Until the subject of you-know-what comes up.

Circumcision is an issue that has different points of view, depending on what culture a man has. Nevertheless, this is one of the embarrassing questions not to ask a guy.

Do You Love Me?

This is especially true for men who are still not settled into their relationship. Or for young inexperienced lads who are not yet used to such straightforward questions about their affections. It might seem odd for women (which totally supports the idea that women are from Venus and men are from Mars).

Men are just not used to talking about their emotions. Although this is one question you would want to ask at some point in your life. Even though emotions and organ size seem like two completely different things, they are issues that even the manliest man will blush at. The male organ is a symbol of male pride and power.

And men have been conditioned to acquire and acquire from the moment they were born. Anything that has to do with it will fall under the list of the most embarrassing questions to ask a guy. Emotions, on the other hand, are rarely talked about among men.

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