If a Man Likes You: 4 Definitive Signs
If a Man Likes You: 4 Definitive Signs

If a Man Likes You: 4 Definitive Signs

Every woman is anxious and tensed to know the signs if the man she loves is having the same thinking and feelings liking her. It is the greatest unanswered question bugging her mind waiting to be answered and she will find all ways and means to find that answer.

(1) Courteousness

By the way a man is courteous towards you doesnt mean that he is interested in you. He might be polite, help you or even wear a smile on his face every time you pass by. But that is no indication that he likes you. Many men try to impress women through their polite behavior and remember they impress all women and not just you. So how then can you find out whether he is much into you or not?

(2) Curious Factor

Many women think that when men are curious they have a special feeling toward them, but it is no indication to know that they like you. Many men are curious about women for no reason at all. They might already be in love or is looking to pass time and so they might kill their time asking about you. They might not even remember the next time you two will meet. So dont get excited by this misconception thinking the man likes you.

(3) Dating Invitation

Unless you get a first dating invite there is nothing to indicate whether he is interested in you or if he likes you. If he invites you for a date it might be to test you or see if you are really the one for him. So what you do and how you behave in your first date is what will decide your future with this man. So plan well, be yourself and be smart at your natural best. Behave in such a way that he is interested to know about you more and thus will invite you again for another date or any social event. Dont reveal your full identity as yet and try to minimize your details so that he will be curious to know more about you.

(4) His Body Language

A man will want to stay in touch with a woman as much as he can when he likes you. So when that happens surely he likes you and adores you. He will be all around you and will want to hold your hand or touch you. Thats when you can be definitely sure that he has a liking in you.

Dont be possessive or expect too much from a man. Respect and love yourself first and never loose your self esteem. Always remember to respect one anothers personal space and grow as individuals. Getting a man you love to like you might be hard but sustaining him and his love is much harder. So act wisely, think sensibly and love infinitely.

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